Vestiaire Collective’s Ten Step Closet Detox

Wardrobe Detox

by Danielle Fowler |

Spring has sprung, which means the annual wardrobe clear out is upon us.

This season, instead of going in blind, take inspo from Vestiaire Collective’s Ultimate Wardrobe Detox Guide in collaboration with Berlin-based blogger Anuschka Rees, of

This is the go-to guide for practical minimalism, encouraging us to make conscious choices when it comes to shopping. Embark upon a clutter detox and open your mind to the minimalist philosophy with the 10-step closet detox below:

  1. Set aside two hours to go through your entire closet.

  2. Make sure you have several bags or boxes on hand to sort your clothes, plus a couple of rubbish bags.

  3. Turn up the music and get started!

  4. Take everything out of your closet.

  5. Detox-time! Pick up every single piece one-by-one and decide whether you want to keep it or not.

  6. Store these pieces outside of your closet: clothes you aren't sure about, items that have a sentimental value for you and off-season pieces.

  7. Take anything that needs to be repaired or altered to a good tailor.

  8. Reorganise your closet now that you have a little (or a lot) more space.

  9. Sell pieces you no longer want to wear on

  10. Use your earnings to fill any gaps in your closet.

10 step wardrobe detox, spring clean, clothes
10 step wardrobe detox ©Vestiare Collective

*The detox booklet is available to download from from tomorrow. *

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