The Most Versatile Bag On The High Street Costs Under £50 And We Want One

Wondering WTF to wear?

Saddle Bags Are A Thing. We've Found You A Brilliant One That Will Last You Until Forever

by Charlie Byrne |

Looking to buy a new bag? Then you better make it a saddle style. Saddle bags are t.h.e. bag for the season, because of all that seventies cowgirl stuff going on on the catwalks, but yours doesn't have to look like you hand-stitched it on your ranch if you're not the grass-rooots folky kind of girl that designers would like us all to be for the next six months. You can buy a minimalist one and work it into your wardrobe no probs, like this Gap one, which costs less than £50 but will mean you never have to buy another saddle bag again. Easy peasy.


Bag, £44.97, Gap

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