J.Lo’s Most Famous Dress Is Now Available As A Pair Of Trainers

Possibly easier to wear than the slashed-to-the-naval original design

jennifer lopez grammy awards 2000

by Hannah Banks-Walker |
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Remember in 2000 when everyone was celebrating the fact that the Millennium Bug hadn't, in fact, destroyed the world and then Jennifer Lopez inadvertently invented Google image search?

That's right, the jungle print Versace dress that she wore to the Grammy Awards that year was, essentially, the very first thing to almost break the internet and so many people wanted to see pictures of it that Google was forced to create a search tool based on images just to fulfil the demand for pictures of J-Lo wearing said dress.

Now, the dress is being reincarnated in trainer form, thanks to a new collaboration between Versace and streetwear brand Concepts.

concepts versace trainers

The print has been applied to a pair of limited edition Chain Reaction trainers, available in both men's and women's sizes. The slight issue is that they cost $1,075, or around £862, which makes our J.Lo dreams slightly inaccessible.

Back in 2015, Eric Schmidt, then Google's chief executive officer, said: 'People wanted more than just text. We had no sure-fire way of getting users exactly what they wanted: J-Lo wearing that dress.

So, Google Image Search was born.' J.Lo's legacy, then, now includes revolutionising the internet and a very expensive pair of trainers. She's a true hero.

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