Tips From Carola Bernard On How To Pull Off Statement Street Style Outfits. And Blue Hair

Birkenstocks have a lot to do with it


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Digital wunderkind Carola Bernard is reponsible for editor-at-large of *Vogue Japan *Anna Dello Russo's social media. And that's no mean feat. After all, ADR is the type of fashion editor who turns up at shows with Chanel supermarket baskets - aka, the type who has that cult catwalk piece you weren't sure was ever going to work in real life. A champion theme-dresser, if you will.

Standing next to someone like that all day must be stressful pay off though. Because Carola makes coming up with unexpected outfit combinations look like it's easy. With her perfectly balanced mix of trainers, kitsch accessories, expensive-looking basics and blue hair, she's got some learnings for us all:

Throw mega-statement outerwear over the simplest of outfits.


Accessories saturated with colour make the best of friends with monochrome.


A marshmallow jumper with smart trousers is the cleverest way to do a duvet day IRL.


Who says grown-up separates need to look stiff? Drapey styles freshen up a classic.


Lairy accessories look best against a blank canvas


Leather won't work for the gym, but it still begs to be styled-up sporty


**Match your hat to your hair



Pro-tip: dye your hair a cartoon colour first.

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