We’ve Tried On All The New Season Skirt Shapes In Urban Outfitters So You Don’t Have To

Because we're starting to think about a time when we might be brave enough to get our legs out


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Ok so it's still freezing, but we're bored of wearing jeans and trousers and jeans and more trousers every day. It's time to suck it up, and try wearing a skirt. Probably with some tights, unless you're uber hard. I headed over to Urban Outfitters to try on some of the new skirt shapes for spring, so you can work out which one you should buy first.

Here are this week's Changing Room Selfies...

The Knitted Mini


Raincoat, £130, skirt £38, denim top, £30

There’s something cool about the fact that this knitted mini has two zips on the front that allows you undo it like a bib front. Plus it’s a really warm shade of yellow that feels a bit 70s, and works well with frayed denim, like this tank top that reminds me of something Marques Almeida might do. Plus if you’re looking for a rain coat, this Petit Bateau one is awesome - just like the bright yellow wellington boots you would splash about in as a kid.

The Isabel Marant Inspired Flippy Skirt


Cardigan, £48, T-shirt, £15, Skirt, £38

This flippy skirt is a good one if you’re a bit straight up and down and want to add a bit of curve, plus the rusty floral print looks kind of rustic cowgirl in the same way Isabel Marant nails every season. You don’t have to wear with a loose T and cardi - wear with a white shirt, tights and ankle boots for work.

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The Big Split


Knitted top, £35, Slit skirt, £35

This skirt is brilliant. It’s brilliant because it doesn’t look like something off the high street - it looks way more expensive - and reveals just enough leg without making you feel like a complete whore. And it’s comfy. Actually comfy. A good one to keep in your arsenal for dates where you want to have one hell of a time without contorting yourself into a ridiculous outfit that makes you hobble, killing all potential sexiness.

The Skirt That’s Actually A Dress


Sweatshirt, £45, Tube dress, £35

Ok so I kind of cheated. This is actually a dress (which looks great as a dress, btw, as it’s clingy with a sporty racer back) and it’s useful to remember that EVERY DRESS you own can be a skirt. The good thing about this clingy tube skirt is that it balances out a swampy sweater like this Adidas one, but you can still wear your trainers without that weird ‘i’m wearing a long skirt and trainers and it feels wrong’ sensation.

The Fringed Pencil


Fringed skirt, £150, T-shirt, £15, Camo coat, £68

The pencil skirt has gone one step closer to cool this season - meet its fringed reinvention. This is a pricier style, but you can get years of wear out of something like this - think of the millions of ways you can wear it - with smart shirts, sweaters, cropped tops, your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s/dad’s T shirt… basically anything.

The Leather A Line


Leather skirt, £150, Feather effect cardigan, £68

So we’re not re-inventing the wheel here - it’s a black leather midi-skirt. But you should buy it because everyone should have a leather midi skirt and this is an especially great version that isn’t as expensive as it would be everywhere else. If you’re a size 8, I’d go with the small, not extra small, as this was a squeeze on me. Plus check out this cool tasselled cardi - it reminds me of those lampshades your granny had with the tasselly loops. In a Studio 54 way.

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