You’ve Been Paid! So We’re Going To Try And Persuade You To Buy These Leather Dungarees From Whistles

The fact you can wear them to the beach and to work makes them a no brainer, right?


by Pandora Sykes |
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May is such a good month, isn't it? Not only do you get the first inkling of opportunity to wear your summer duds (while cringing at the person that has gone totally overboard in bum-skimming cut-offs and flip-flops and the sun has gone in already), but you get TWO bank holidays in ONE month (unless you don't live in the UK – in which case, thank you for visiting and sorry for your loss on that front.) And what could be better than the first week of May? When you've been PAID! And haven't spent it all on taxis home because you're feeling flush already.

This is why we're bringing you a second instalment of Payday Persuasion. Where – should you be wishing to 'splurge', 'splash' or do anything else wild with all your cash this month – we recommend something that'll see you right through May. And beyond. That something is Whistles' Layla Culotte Dungaree Dress, £495 (not a dress, FYI – but midi-length dungaree shorts).

'Leather? In summer?' the practical pussy in you may say, with disdain. To which we say: 'Come, come. We are not of our mothers' generation; we do not restrict fabric to season.' Plus, wearing leather in the summer will make you feel as excited as pulling bare legs in winter. And, let's be honest, we all know that the UK's rarely so hot that you don't want something a little bit warm for when you hit a bit of shade. Think of these, then, as your bit of luxe snuggly.

Still not convinced? Here's four ways you could be wearing them:

Skater GRL

Stussy is back and snapback caps are back and jelly shoes have returned, too. So why not put them all together? It's all a bit urban beachwear. (side note: bet you never thought you'd wear jelly shoes again, but they are very useful on the beach as they cannot get dirty! Such a novelty.)


Silk Trucker Cap, £40, Marina London; Trishula Hoop Earrings, £50, i + i Jewellery; Halterneck Swimsuit, £130, Stussy at Urban Outfitters; Pink Roll Top Dye Socks, £3.50, Topshop; Jelly Heel Sandals in Silver Glitter, £28, JuJu Babe at Urban Outfitters.

Greek Goddess

Ooooh, look at you in your floaty white blouse and tie-up sandals. Off to pick some olives? The dungarees provide an urban skew to an otherwise bohemian look, meaning that this is as appropriate for a carouse through an olive grove in Thassos (when the sun's dipped, of course) as it is for a date in a city beer garden.


Small Bow Hair Clip, £9, American Apparel; Trishula Hoop Earrings, £50, i + i Jewellery; Crochet Big Collar Blouse, £32, Olive Clothing; Kariatida Sandals, £325, Ancient Greek; Leather Shoulder Bag, £125, & Other Stories.

Panic! at the Disco

The band may have disappeared, but the urge 'to disco' hasn't. Dress up your leather dungas for evening time with an off-the-shoulder crop top and chunky jewellery, plus some disco overtures via the high-shine vintage baseball jacket. Who said dungarees couldn't be sexy?


Trishula Hoop Earrings, £50, i + i Jewellery; Bardot Crop Top, £10, Topshop; Baseball Jacket from a vintage selection at Beyond Retro; AKA Black Suede Boots, £70, Topshop; Otto Silver Bracelet, £62, and Xeno Silver Bracelet, £75, both from MOXHAM.


Thought dungarees were a no-no for work? Think again. You can't get more meeting-ready than this. Add some pinstripes, a double-breasted power jacket and some more (corporate) leather via a structured backpack (it will keep your papers as flat as a briefcase, but is nine shades cooler) and your dungarees become workwear gold. Opt for some multi-buckled flats rather than court shoes to keep it looking fresh.


Trishula Hoop Earrings, £50, i + i Jewellery; Double Breasted Jacket, £79, & Other Stories; Stripe Half Sleeve Top in Black, £35, Olive Clothing; Kaos Multi Buckle Black Leather Flats, £65, Office; Caity Rucksack, £470, Danielle Foster; CM Gold Chain Metal Watch, £225, Larsson & Jennings.

We told you these babies work four ways.

Model: Martine Lervik at Elite London

Make-up: Lucy Joan Pearson

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