Valery Demure’s Got All The Jewellery You Need to be That ‘Oh This? It’s By \[Insert Obscure Designer\]’ Girl

All the unusual jewellery pieces from cult designers that you could want, all in one place


by Laura Silver |
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You know those people who always give you the name of some obscure designer when you ask her where that weird-yet-frankly-effing-amazing bit of jewellery she’s wearing is from? Man, who doesn’t want to be that girl?

Well, have a little poke around Valery Demure’s wonderfully curated online shop, and you can be. Valery’s been scouting and nurturing creators of what she calls ‘wearable art’, including Lara Bohinc, Pamela Love, and Lizzy Fortunato, for almost a decade, and with her online shop she’s making it a cinch for you to get your hands on their, and other designers you haven’t heard of yet, work.

Lou Stoppard
Lou Stoppard

Prices range from a treat-yerself £60 to drool-over-it hundreds, and there’s plenty in at the you-could-feasibly-save-up-for-it £100-200 mark. But even if you’re only in the market for a bit of lunchtime magpieing, Valery Demure’s online shop is a dream to scroll through thanks to the beautiful illustrations that are used to showcase Instagrammable pieces, and curated edits from tastemakers such as SHOWstudio’s Lou Stoppard and model Victoria Sekrier.

Victoria Sekrier

Here are some pieces you’re going to love on there right now…

Yazbuky starry eyed earrings, £90


Designer Yazbuky is descended from Ottoman royalty, appaz, so opulence is in her blood. Of her plentiful cartoonish designs, these are certainly the most eyecatching.

Vintage Givenchy bangle, £90


Vintage stockist, Rareities, brings you brilliant redicovered pieces that mostly come in under £100.

Linda Farrow cat sunglasses, £190


If there was an official sunglasses designer for the fashion Olympics, it would be Linda Farrow, who has worked with everyone from Alexander Wang (those angular cat-eyes everyone copied) to Jeremy Scott (those funny finger glasses), and you can get hold of the best of her solo designs and collabs right here.

Pamela Love silver feather ear cuff, £100


NYC designer Pamela Love has got silvery bohemian pieces that you see on messy-haired women with hoops all up her ear, nailed. This earcuff is the best non-committed version.

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