US Vogue’s André Leon Talley Took A Box Set Of Call The Midwife To Kimye’s Wedding

As well as an awful lot of kaftans, too


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You may not have said it out loud like The New York Post, but we're thinking there's a good chance you've had a brimful of the Kimye wedding. Yes, Kim's gown was bespoke Givenchy and her brother , plus Jay Z did not attend – and so on and so forth.

But what of the guests? Well, sarrrrry but we aren't interested in most of them. They all seemed to be wearing black and we didn't really recognise many of them. But we are definitely interested in what a guest would* pack* for such a wedding (we're guessing a shift dress wouldn't do.) And we are* always* interested in the larger-than-life André Leon Talley – who you are most likely to know from America's Next Top Model unless you read US Vogue a lot, where he's contributing editor – who was a guest at the so-called wedding of the year.

As well as stating, quite rightly, that 'a wardrobe is pivotal to one's personal happiness on any trip' and titillating us with the revelation that he packed the Call The Midwife boxset (he's got to be the only guest that did that), André kindly shared his fabulously luxuriously ludicrous packing list with US Vogueyou can view the whole list here – about which we have a few questions:

**Dinner caftans [sic] – Valentino Haute Couture, 2007 **

We've never heard of a dinner kaftan, but we want one. Don't they sound the epitome of loucheness?

Balenciaga and Chanel capes

A cape as legit weddingwear it new to us, but this is André Leon Talley. Thanks to him, we're pretty tempted now, namely because think how many canapés you could hide in a cape, which has essentially no structure whatsoever.

Cufflinks – Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia

As in, he made them? Or gave them? Ah, OK, you can buy them from Christie's auction house. They are only $4,532.

x 3 Rolling Gear hockey bags

The mind boggles. Was he playing hockey and thus required three bags worth of hockey sticks? Or was André just carrying a lot of 'hockey-shaped accessories, which we can only imagine could be several very thick walking canes? Further reading reveals that a hockey bag actually carries one cape -– due to André's height. Three capes = three bags. Easy maths.

Linen handkerchiefs from Charvet and Ralph Lauren Purple Label

This sound rather divine, but we'd definitely worry someone would confuse our snot rag with the linen table napkins and then* poof* – before you know it, your £200 linen handkerchief would have been swept away by a Florentine waiter and you're crying into your crystal-cut wine glass like Nori when she can't find her Prada mittens.

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