The Best Selling Product On Urban Outfitters Shouldn’t Come As A Surprise

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The Best Selling Product On Urban Outfitters Shouldn’t Come As A Surprise

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As a fashion editor, I’m always curious about the psychology behind people’s fashion choices. The syntax of a slogan top, the cut of a coat or the colour of a sweater is an insight that can’t be ignored. That a £25 yellow crop top embroidered with the slogan ‘Only The Strong Survive’ is Urban Outfitter’s best selling item this week really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

Urban Outfitters only the strong tee3

Some slogans drawn of fashion trends, some bring the wearer’s sense of humour in to focus while others make a political point. This lemon t-shirt does all three. While riffing on Vetement’s cult DHL top that’s the same buttercup shade, it allows the wearer to make a statement about themselves and their outlook on life. And, when read in a particular light it can be seen as an empowering political message about staying strong in the face of turmoil. So, no wonder its been a hit with the UO crowd this week of all political weeks.

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