Update Your Slob Wardrobe

If you want to leave the house for snacks in your pyjamas you'll get no judgment from us, but just in case you fancy an upgrade...

Update Your Slob Wardrobe

by Hayley Spencer |
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Christmas is all about lie-ins, boozing and eating your body weight in Christmassy food. So pyjamas all day, every day are the festive dream. But for the odd occasion when you have to leave the house to buy snacks, or to meet your old school mates at the pub for more boozing, you might need to upgrade to some outdoors clothes. Though we're not judging if you don't.

If you are in need of some new slob gear, we've got you covered with clothes that are almost as comfortable as your PJs, and are easy to put on - even if you’re really, really hungover. Don't worry, we're not going to try and convince you to blow all of your money on cashmere lounge pants or anything fancy like that - we’re all about jackets that are like duvets, scarves and jumpers that double up as blankets, and hats to hide three-­day unwashed hair.

Monoc bomber jacket,£65, Weekday (in green); Tartan check ankle trousers, £24.90 (in black) Spot beanie hat, £13.99, Hype; Tiga velvet slip on trainers, £20, Topshop; Truly Madly Deeply Bad habits sweatshirt, £39, Urban Outfitters; Patch jeans, £35.99, Zara; Camo coat, £180, ASOS White; Chevron extra fluffy oversized scarf, £14, ASOS; Jackie knitted dress, £40, Monki

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