Update Last Year’s Brogues With This Impressively Simple DIY And Save £££

Put on your pearls girls…


by Jenny Brownlees |
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From Pucci to Gucci, pearls embellished the footwear of all the hottest brands on the Summer runways. We need a pair in our wardrobe, like…now.

We’re utterly in love with these Coliac Derby Martina Brogues, available at Avenue 32, but with a £525 price tag, it’s going to have to be love from afar.

Getting creative, we dreamt up a DIY makeover for our old flats that gives the same on trend look…

You’ll need


Some flat black brogues. We used this pair from ASOS.

Large whole pearls, with a hole through the middle

3mm whole pearls

12mm flat back pearls

6mm flat back pearls

Large safety pins in gold

Strong Multi purpose Glue

How to

  1. You can use as many different variations of pearl sizes as you’d like, eBay has a great selection; just make sure you’re getting the same colour in each pearl as some are white, some cream. If possible, try to buy from the same seller.

  1. Positioning your brogues flat on a surface, begin by gluing 12mm flat back pearls, evenly around the heel of your shoe. We used 6 pearls on each heel, with about an inch gap between. You only need a tiny bit of glue in the centre of the pearl as the glue is extra strong.

  2. Once you have done this on each heel, next take the laces and tie them in a small bow behind the shoes tongue, this will allow us to put the safety pin and pearl on the front of the shoe, whilst still making them easy to tie.

  1. Next, to get that great contrast of gold against the pearl, thread a large safety pin through the right hand side lace hole, once it threads through to the middle, slide your large whole pearl with the hole In the centre through the pin. Thread the pin through the left hand lace hole and close.

  1. Now the pearl is sitting nicely inbetween the laces, it’s time to start sticking the rest of the pearls around the brogue.

  1. We dotted ours randomly, mainly around the back and sides of the shoe, slightly coming onto the front. We used a mix of large and smaller flat back and whole pearls. You only need a tiny bit of glue for each, though you will need to hold the whole pearls in place for about 10 seconds.

  2. You could easily create a pattern with the pearls, glueing them in lines, or alternating small and large pearls, you could also add more safety pins if you desired! Once you are happy with the coverage of your pearls, leave the shoes to dry for 30 minutes.

It’s as simple as that! We love the polka dot effect of the white on black. Can’t wait to wear these out ASAP!

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