Update Last Seasons Coat With A Colourful Collar DIY For Under £10

Get all Gucci with our DIY faux fur collar.

Update Last Seasons Coat With A Colourful Collar DIY For Under £10

by Debrief Staff |

Contrasting collars in statement colours were all over the catwalk this season. Seen at Gucci, Tods, Kenzo, Jason Wu, Paul Smith and Coach to name a few, we could go on! (We won’t) It’s safe to say it’s a trend.


This super simple DIY was a great way to give our coat a face lift. It was in need of a new season update, but with Christmas fast approaching, we couldn’t afford to shell out for a new one. So this DIY = our coat woes sorted.

You’ll need

Faux fur fabric. We bought ½ a metre of turquoise fabric at local fabric shop for £6. You can find a similar colour here, eBay has a great selection, there are so many colours to choose from!

You could even go for a leopard print or faux shearling look.

6 pairs of Hook and Eyes

Fabric scissors

Fabric Glue

Corresponding coloured thread for your coat and faux fur fabric. We used grey and turquoise.

How to

  1. To make a template for your collar, lay out the coat or jacket you’d like the collar to fit on a scrap piece of paper.

  1. Trace around the coats collar, be generous, leave 1-2 inches at each edge. You can always trim this down later.

  2. Cut out the template with scissors. Make sure it is even on both sides by folding in half. If there are any differences, cut these until flush.

  3. Lay the template against your fabric and cut out your template with fabric scissors. (The fabric scissors are sharp and precise and the fur won’t fray, so you don’t need to sew a seam)

  1. Flip the template, as shown in the photograph, so that each side of the collar will be faux fur.

  1. Spread fabric glue over the back of each piece of faux fur, line up and press together firmly.

  2. At this point try the collar around your neck. Ours was as we wanted, but if you wanted to change anything, say the length, you could alter your template and adjust by cutting with fabric scissors.

  1. We’re going to add hooks and eyes to secure the collar.

  2. Starting in the middle back of your jacket, sew on the eye. Line up the collar, and sew on the hook. This will ensure it stays in place.

  1. We added two more hook and eyes, equal distance apart from the middle back of our jacket. Hook and eyes can be easily removed with an unpicker and are so small they won’t leave a mark on your coat.

  1. You could add a hook and eye in the middle of the collar, if you’d like the option of it closing in a Peter Pan collar style.

Easy peasy! A £10 update for your old coat. We loved ours so much we made it in navy too!

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