What Should I Do With My Unwanted Clothes?

If wardrobe space is an issue, or you're having a pre-spring clean? Do this…

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Naturally, sometimes there can be a build-up of perfectly-good-but-I'm-over-it threads in your wardrobe. Since your sister isn't into hand-me-downs anymore, your search for eco-friendly clothes cull methods is being bumped up to top priority.

It’s more important than ever to give thought to our buying and throwing behaviours when it comes to fashion. Young Green, Florence Pollock says that ‘fast fashion contributes to environmental destruction – some dyes used poison both rivers and production workers, air miles are associated with the distribution of the stock and eventually, landfills are bursting with cheap clothing’. With that in mind, here are five of the best ways to keep you on the side of a happier earth…

5 Solutions For Your Unwanted Clothes


5 Solutions For Your Unwanted Clothes

In-store Recycling1 of 5

In-store Recycling

Join TK MAXX on their mission to 'give up clothes for good' in partnership with Cancer Research UK. 'Simply donate a bag of pre-loved quality clothes, accessories or homeware to your local store. Not only are you helping more children survive cancer, you're also giving your pre-loved items a second life.' The idea that we should be wholly interested in, extending the life span of our clothes, even when we're done with them. Find your nearest TK MAXX store here.

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It's a total misconception that 'thrifting' is reserved for tumeric latte drinkers in East London. Turns out that the search for second-hand steals in charity and vintage shops has taken a mainstream turn that makes a sustainable sweet spot. For one, it reduces the demand for buying new clothes and secondly, it puts your done-with garms on the radar of thrifty stores. Emma from Fara nods to this: 'Donating is as easy as buying, many people buy an outfit from FARA for an event then re-donate it. This way you can create a more sustainable cycle and reduce your carbon footprint whilst contributing to the welfare of the unprivileged children in the charities care'. Preach.

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Yep yep, Depop – the social feed-style shopping community app – is having a renaissance. Curating a mega shop front in a creative way means awakening the Pinterest board obsessive inside of you whilst making a whole lotta £££ from the cyber fashion spirit animals you never knew you had. Tip: promote your 'shop' on your Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter for extra hits.

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If I'm honest, the word 'customise' sends my mind back to tweenager years spent experimenting with safety pins and a glue gun. An important coming-of-age moment, course, but one I want to re-visit? Absolutely not. Enter the good ol' internet and you've got an unbelievable progression into modified clothing worthy of their own line. Pinterest is a serious gold mine for this – start by searching 'DIY fashion', grab a cuppa and get lost in craft.

Clothes Swap5 of 5

Clothes Swap

Sure, the initial thought of a clothes swap feels a little icky but do it right and you've got yourself retail therapy that won't touch your overdraft. If you link up to your local pub/community centre/town hall swap, you can expand your style lens while simultaneously meeting potential new mates. If you host your own, you can bless your girl group with the items they've borrowed a million times this year over a couple glasses of vino.

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