So It Turns Out We Can Save Loads Of Dosh By Shopping In The Kids Department Of Stores

You don't have to be teeny tiny to shop from the kids section, and it's cheaper too...


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Alexa's been up to a lot recently, what with launching her own denim collab and everything, but at the launch of her AG collection in LA she mentioned something that went a little under the radar and got us thinking - she likes to pick up bits and pieces from the kids section in Jet Lag, like cute ladybird little rings from the 90s. Initially we thought kids clothes would never fit us but a quick poll around the Debrief office and it turns out we're all at it. I'm obsessed with Zara Kids clothes, and other members of the team all say they regularly shop in Gap Kids, and M&S uniform section and if your feet are small - kids sneakers are the best. Why? Well, they're SO much cheaper.

In fact most kids clothes actually go up to an age 14, which if you can shimmy into them means you can pay SO much less for a similarly designed jumper/skirt/jacket from your fave highstreet brand. Also worth knowing that kids shoes usually go up to a size 5 or 5.5 - and are also virtually half the price.

Here are my top buys in the kids sections right now.

Trainers, £14.99, H&M

Bomber jacket, £24.99, Mango

Sweater, £19.95, Gap

Crochet top, £10, River Island

T shirt, £11, Marks & Spencer

Plaid jacket, £9.99, Zara Kids

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