We Try On All The Workwear In COS So You Don’t Have To

There's no better store for a Changing Room Selfies that's all about making you look professional


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It was an obvious one, this. Where else would I go for kickass, slick-verging-on-the-conceptual workwear? Before COS came along in 2007, ‘workwear’ was a dirty word. Scratchy black pencil skirts and weirdly fitting ‘corporate blue’ shirts was the sum total of the working girl’s sartorial existence.

But the clothes aren’t the only pleasure in COS. A first for #CRS this week was that the lovely shop assistants let me take ALL 13 of my pieces into the shopping room in one go, instead of ‘rotating’ my allocation, which slows proceedings down immensely (you think these things are quick? Tsk.) It’s the small things in life.

Anyway, here’s the best of the work bunch. Most of which you could also wear on the weekend. Bonus.

Navy is the new black

Wait – isn’t orange the new black? Look, they both are. Navy is great. Navy is slimming and slinky and makes us all into power players, as this outfit is more than proof. Enjoying the unique short-sleeved kimono style fit of this jacket which can very much be worn (as in, I am wearing it) as a top, too. And the ‘pants’ are sucking everything in like the wardrobe vacuum that everybody needs.


Jacquard Blazer, £69, and Skinny Fit Trousers, £55.

And yes, orange is too

Love orange. Bloody love it. Especially in skirt form. Pair it with a breton top (age-old classic, always in, never out, consistently a yay top) and look a bit like Miss Honey. God I love looking like Miss Honey. I feel as fresh as a daisy and very altrustic. I suggest you put these clothes on and feel the same.


Striped Jersey Top, £25, and Flared Skirt, £59.

Remember what COS is famous for

COS sprung into the communal consciousness with a) the colour grey; and b) fuss-free dresses. This shirtdress is classic COS and minimalist without being drab. Would be very useful for anyone who has a strict dress code.


Micro-Check Shirt Dress, £69 (similar to one worn above).

Think Victorian schoolmistress

I can’t tell you how good this feels. Very much channelling Ulyana Sergeenko here in this long flared dress with a scalloped collar. (FYI, it is just a collar. You pop it under your clothes and it cheats everyone into thinking you've got a Peter Pan on under there.) It’s also got quite a vintage twist, so would be the perfect Friday night party outfit for anyone who looks at an Adidas jumper and weeps. I felt sad when I took this off. Like my time as a Muscovite socialite had come to an abrupt and bitter end.


Flared Cotton Dress, £79, and Rounded Collar Mock Shirt, £29 (available in store).

Get sweaty

OK, don’t actually get sweaty. But enjoy the soft formality of a sweater dress that is grey and therefore sorta acceptable for work. Layer stuff underneath, if you like. Layer it on top, equally, if you like. Go wild, sweaty ladies.


A-Line Jersey Dress, £49.

Monochrome sporty

Dress like a fashion insider in elasticated ankle jogging pants and a super soft white tee. This one has a nice sheer hem, so that if you choose to wear it ‘out of pant’, over your jeans, then you’ve got a soupçon of interest in there. It’s not me, at all, this outfit, but it’s flattering and comfortable and if you work in a job which causes you to prance around a lot during the day, then opt for this one, as you can still look professional while doing so.


Joggers, £69 (available in store), and Sheer Hem T-Shirt, £25.

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