We Try On All The White Looks In Mango So You Don’t Have To

It's an all-white edition of Changing Room Selfies.


by Pandora Sykes |
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White-on-white. I’ve written about it enough recently for you to know its not only A Thing (as seen in the AW14 streetstyle and at the SS14 shows), but it’s also amazing. Once you get your head around the fact that your clothes will get dirty – but, as Ivania Carpio points out, you have washing machines for that – it’s a good look.

It was a no-brainer to stage the whitewashed episode of Changing Room Selfies in Mango. Miranda Kerr’s been busily wafting around in bags of white garb in the latest Mango adverts. In store, I wasn’t disappointed. I could have made 10 looks with the copious amount of white clothing - although the changing rooms themselves are minute, so that wouldn’t have been too much fun. To save you the trouble (thank the fashion gods for online shopping) here's my Mango pin-ups:

Coby Bryant


And when I say Coby, I mean basketball stripes via this Striped Texture Blouse, £22.99. I’d suggest shucking off the sports bra and wearing with tighter jeans than distressed Boyfriend Lonny Jeans £34.99, but y’know, trial and error. Mango sizes come up small, by the way. I had to size up once if not twice on occasion, which wasn’t exactly an ego booster.** **

Daisy Buchanan


Going to the races? Pleated flapper-esque hemlines like this Contrast Bodice Dress £29.99 are great for something posh like the Cartier Cup, or for days when you just feel like channeling The Great Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan. A Linen-Blend Blazer £59.99 over a white dress is only really a goer in either very smart, or very summery environments. Very Spanish - like Mango. And very Australian – like Miranda. There you have it, two workable destinations!

Jackie Chan


The cut of this Texture Blouse £17.99 and Wrap Skirt £27.99 feels akin to the simple sharp lines of origami. This boxy linen top (you lace it up at the top) is offset by the sporty skirt with a front ‘apron’. The silhouette is very Wang and very ‘this’ season.

Any Victoria’s Secret angel


Thanks to The Mail Online, we need never wonder again what Alessandra et al are wearing. And what’s become apparent, is that drapey thin sheer Open Neck Sweater £19.99 and Super Slim-Fit Eva Jeans, £39.99 jeans are but uniform to angelic supermodels such as Lily Aldridge. I’m doing what I like to call my ‘VS Angel pose’. Don’t ask why. Angels don’t need to explain things like this.

Sharon Stone


Sure, I'm cheating as this is a dress rather than a two-piece look. But get over it, as I am honouring the mighty Sharon Stone. Faultless wardrobe in Basic Instinct, that women. And how Catherine Tramell is this sleeveless polo neck Texture Dress £44.99? Very Celine AW13. I should probably stop citing that collection as the birthplace of the all-white trend, but it was seminal, ok; and so is this dress.

Cara Delevingne


I’ve been having a real love affair with Cara’s skills with a suit. Would really like to own her entire roster. But until then, this Mango Cropped Tuxedo Blazer £59.99 and Pleated Crepe Trousers £34.99 with Pleated Cotton Blouse £19.99 actually really good. I’ve done a full Delevingne copycat, with a blouse undone super low, sans bra. Just don’t move, ever - and this will look wonderful.

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