We Try On All The Plaid, Checks, And Tartan In River Island So Now You Don’t Have To

Check It Out, This Week We We're At River Island For Changing Room Selfies


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Did you avoid all the plaid stuff in the shops at the beginning of the season because you thought it would be a phase? Sorry. It wasn't. Checked stuff is still flooding the high street, and it's time to get in on the action, whether you're looking for an update to your workwear, or need something new to wear to Christmas house parties. Check is the answer.

This week we headed to the amazeballs River Island for our Changing Room Selfies, to try on all the best plaid stuff to get you through party season and beyond.

Squared x Two


Dress, £32and coat, £90

If you’re not keen on the idea of a full-on checked coat, check out this version with a fluffy fur collar, and a checked lining, so you can flash a bit of plaid without worrying about looking like a chess board. I wore it over a checked dress to add extra inner checkage.

The Polo Plaid


Top, available in store, and Skirt £45

You don’t tend to think of checks as an option for a swishy night out look, but the pink in this cropped top makes it work with my fave item from RI this season - it’s a sheer lace skirt with in built knickers, and makes you feel like a show girl.

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The Everyday Classic Check Trousers


Sweatshirt £25, trousers, £40

Buy a pair of monochrome checked trousers and you will get your money back per wear in no time at all. They go with absolutely everything you already own, from a white shirt to a funky sweater like this cranberry one. These are super soft, and have a roomy cut, so they’re comfortable for a long day in the office while looking like you’ve got your shit together.

Furry Plaid


Top, £25, Skirt, £25, Coat, £95

I wasn't sure about this T because it's not just checked, it's fluffy too – nailing two aw trends in one. I figured I might as well go all out with textures, adding a faux suede and fluffy coat, and a white leather skirt – there's something strangely satisfying about wearing 4 different fabrics in one look. Just don't feel yourself up too much. Also, this skirt is SUCH good value. It looks really expensive - just make sure you don't let a biro go anywhere near it.

The Checked Cape


Cape, £35, leggings, £25

There's something quite joyful about the unusual colour mash up in this blanket cape (seriously, if you haven't bought one yet you're going to miss the boat soon) which works well with the multi-coloured glitz in these leggings. Add ankle boots for a Sunday shopping outfit.

If All Else Fails Do A Clueless


Shirt, £30, skirt, £28, bag, £30, gilet, £50

I tend to think of checks as being quite traditional (generally I think of shortbread fingers) but there's nothing to say plaid has to feel old fashioned. Try a plaid mini and pair with fluro fur – this pink gilet is super soft and feels way more luxurious than a high street buy. Plus there's always the option of getting a fluffy bag in a colour picked out from your plaid.

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