We Try On All The Major Spring Trends In Topshop So You Don’t Have To

It's Changing Room Selfies time...


by Charlie Byrne |

It's marginally warmer than it was, and we've seen sunshine a few days in a row, but that doesn't change the fact that bare skin still feels bitten by the cold if you hang around outside longer than a trip to the Pret opposite your office. Not that that's going to stop up wanting all the new (spring) stuff popping up on rails up and down the high street.

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So we headed over to Topshop to try on all the major spring trends, with your body temp in mind. These outfits should let you strip off a little without having to expose serious amounts of skin, and still feel like you're on the money trend-wise. It's Changing Room Selfies time. For people who live in England. Not Bali, like the high street window displays would have us believe.

The Obligatory Cropped Trousers


Long sleeve top, £34, crop top, £22, culottes, £42, heels, £68

If you're scared of flares, then your only other trouser option this season is cropped. Either a hacked off flared jean, or an old school culotte - like this printed pair. I've done the whole print on print on print thing, which lets me wear a cropped top even though it's still cold. I've braved a bit of shin with the culottes, and I would buy these leather sandals a million times over - they come in two colourways, they're super comfy, but they're also the ideal smart shoe that you can wear to work and then with denim at the weekends.

The Intense Seventies Prints


Boots, £150, dress, £95

These boots are the best boots. Maybe ever. They're slouchy enough that you can roll them down as far down your leg as you want them to be, and the heels aren't too high. If your knees feel too chilly, then wear a thick pair of over-the-knee socks in a contrasting shade (maybe a dark green?) to enhance warmth. The silk dress is from the Boutique range, but a silk dress with such a cute print for less than £100 is pretty good going in my books. You will end up wearing it to work, to the pub with trainers or to summer events with a few buttons undone and a big ol' hat.

**The Boho Folk Vibe (And A Denim Jacket)



Boots, £78, roll neck, £12, lace top, £28, belt, £26, denim jacket, £58, skirt, £38

I've tried to mix a few key bits into one outfit here guys, so bear with me - you need a denim jacket this spring, and the furry collared kind are referencing the Burberry collection. There are tonnes of other key textures in here too - some lace, for that Victoriana boho vibe, the fringed boots (fringing is mahoosive this spring) and the heavy embroidery on the skirt is toughened up with this retro looking leather belt. Wear like I've done here if you're feeling brave about getting your legs out, but if you need to wuss out, then swap the boots for navy fringed loafers or brogues and some navy tights.

Stripes, And More Stripes


Trousers, £42, shoes, £120, roll neck, £30, t shirt, £16

If you saw the Topshop Unique show for SS15, then you will have seen all the incredible red stuff they did, including these bad-ass shoes. They are even more amazing IRL than I was hoping for. They're glossy, like hard cherries, and made out of really soft but thick, wide gros-grain ribbon, which makes them incredibly forgiving on your feet. If there was one thing I'd buy from this week's CRS, it would be these babies (or the snake boots. Or both). Plus they're the perfect pair to wear with a load of stripes, which this season should also be red, or navy. If you're looking to totally nail the trend then try wearing different stripes in contrasting directions - which you can easily sort with some clever layering.

**Pastel Purple, Yep Purple Reigns



Roll neck, £12, vest, available in store, skirt, £75, mules, £62

If you want to explain where your pastel purple look came from, then just fyi, Roberto Cavalli, Alberta Ferretti, Giambattista Valli (all the sexy Italian dudes) filled their spring runways with shades of lavender and lilac. Hence why this little sparkly vest number is a winner. If you don't fancy wearing lilac all over, then break it up with other pastel shades like pale blues and pinks like I've done. This tassel skirt (lampshade chic anyone?) is one of those quirky items you will wear time and time again for ten years when you've got some sort of weird posh event that you want to look un-boring at. Given that you've got a whole shin out, I recommend throwing on the pastel fur coat you bought last winter over this one. N.B. this outfit taught me I am not good enough at heels to walk in mules. But maybe you are.

**Suede Anything, But Particularly Tassles



Boots, £150, dress, £68, base top, £24

This suede vest is another keep it forever thang - you're never going to buy it again, and you should never chuck it out - because fringed suede WILL keep coming back. I've thrown it over the sort of shift dress that you might normally wear to the office or a wedding or your gran's, but throw a dangly shredded thing over it and suddenly you could rock up to a festival or a house party and not fill so stiff. Don't even think about wearing a skirt this short with bare arms this early in spring. You will die. Or at least go the same colour as the dress. If you'reas neurotic about feeling the cold as I am, then throw on a pair of lightweight grey tights - they'll blend into the mix.

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