We Try On All The Luxe Staples In All Saints So You Don’t Have To

The prices tags are more 'high' than 'high street', but All Saints don't half make nice clothes


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It's a luxealot episode of Changing Room Selfies, this week - and by that I mean elevated price tags, sure. But, I also mean materials to die for. Because that's what happens at All Saints. The prices are pretty sky high for a so-called high street chain but I forget, as I don't let myself go in there too much due to the £££ tags, how good their pieces are. I think of them as kind of 'statement staples'; because they aren't shouty and they are traditionally 'useful', but they're also a little edgier than just a bog standard black jacket and a white shirt.

**Get your own Cara shirt **

At Burberry's recent Shanghai flagship store opening, Cara abandoned her suit just for a night in favour of a new silhouette: a short-sleeved white leather shirt and black lace skirt. Get your own Delevingne de-lite with an identikit short sleeved white leather shirt, with just the first few buttons down up - as is de rigeur, currently. As for the leather skirt - it's what All Saints are famed for. You can't beat their leather minis. Expensive, but the best.


Hester Shirt, £298 and Zip Ruther Leather Skirt, £228

Jeans and a white shirt: sweet as a nut

Especially when the jeans are boyfriend and the shirt is narrow fit and long-line and deliciously silky like the duvet cover I save for special occasions.


Boys Jean/Vintage, £88 and Sevene Shirt, £138

The party dress to end all party dresses

Kind of a bygone concept, now, the 'party dress'. Everyone sort of finds themselves reaching for the leather trousers/mini skirt/camisole dress or tuxedo trousers now, don't they? Or so I thought. When I tried on this super sparkly mini dress, I felt like all I needed was a Mojito in hand and a high-rise central London bar under foot and I'd be in heaven.


Geko Dress, £398

A sexy black suit

Silky black tuxedo trousers have been on my wish-list for ages now. Which meant that these actually came home with me. Dammit, such a dangerous bloody game. Really enjoyed pairing it with a black tailored jacket and feeling deliciously louche. Feeling a whole new obsession coming on, right now.


Cedie Sky Trousers, £158 and Scylla Blazer £228

A white denim jacket

Big thing for denim jackets right now. A white one is a little bit different. Buy one - and look as happy as a clam, just like me.


Boys Jacket/ White £128

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