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The land of the safe and privileged, is M&S. And I don't just mean the cheese straw section. The clothes, too, all give off the essence of solid reliability and it's always calm in there. No £1 riots in M&S, come sales season.

When I visited, for Changing Room Selfies, there was just me and one other lady, in her cushioned Mary Janes and frankly enviable anorak (of course it was raining. We are in the sodding/sodden UK.) It seemed a particularly prescient time to visit the once named St Michael - two days ago the high street store admitted they'd had yet another slump in clothing sals. Every time they announce news like this, it pierces my heart. So I went there and did a CRS for solidarity. And can I just say, it was far from my hardest CRS to date. Get on down there - and get shopping. You owe it to M&S. For keeping you in cheese straws.

A Denise Van Outen camisole


I <3 this bubblegum pink satin lace-trim camisole. It's exactly the kind of thing Denise would have worn on The Big Breakfast. Or perhaps, what Lisa would have worn to squire George (Snowden/Clooney.) I would have totally bought this if they had my size. I'm also really into camel slacks. Camel slacks! Pass me my wheelchair. But no, srsly, camel is the NBT in the colour wheel, for next season. And if you choose a loose fit pair, roll up the ankles and pair with something a little ritzy, you'll avoid all OAP connotations. Deal.

Pink Camisole, on sale in store and Slim Leg Cropped Trousers with Wool £45

A leopard print maxi


Leopard print is always delicious - although a leopard print maxi does feel a little bit Baden Baden 06. I think with this one - the fit is really nice - you'd want a neckerchief or a choker to subvert those expectations. Or pehaps some DMs would go better than some thongy leather sandals. In short, experiment.

Leopard Print Pleated Maxi Dress £49.50

A 241 jacket and vest top


I bought a bias cut white midi skirt from River Island a few seasons ago and get a crazy amount of compliments on it. I want you to have equal slinky opportunities, so here is one that you can buy. The real catch of this look, though, is the vest cum jacket - they come as a set. Is this the new twinset? Two pieces of clothing that are entirely unrelated? Either way, this kind of easy-to-wear ethnic jacket is a good buy for anyone who loves the vibe of Isabel Marant/Mango's quilted patterned jacket. The vest top is surely just a bonus.

Luxury Dippy Hem Long Skirt with Linen, £13 on sale and Jacket with built in Vest, on sale in store

A knotted shirt


How to turn your button-down shirt into a must-have crop top? Tie the tails in a knot! Voila. Like you did when you were five. I've been looking for a pink stripey Oxford shirt for ages. Fitted shirts are the devil's spawn, so I sized up by about 8 sizes to get the boxy king of fit in this. The sequin skirt would be great with t-shirts and sweaters for that hi/lo combo that you've no doubt nailed by now.

Cotton Rich No Peep Easy to Iron Striped Shirt With Silk, £39.99 and Sequin Skirt, on sale in store

A pleated dress


How Proenza Schouler is this? Don't answer that. I'm just telling y'all that it is. This would be such a great option for a summer wedding. Fitted bodice and pleated skirt in adorable powder puff gelato hues.

Pleated Fit and Flare Camisole Dress, £49.99

A jersey shirt dress


This dress was so goddamn soft. And comfortable. This picture doesn't do it justice. A button-down monochrome jersey shirt dress is M&S's very unassuming and workable take on bohemia.

Shirt dress, £34, available in store

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