We Try On All The Catwalk-Inspired Spring Trends in Zara So You Don’t Have To

Wang-esque pyjama tops and Mulberry-inspired double leather. It's all going on in our latest Changing Room Selfies


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Want to know what you'll be wearing this summer? Head to Zara, obviously. Thanks to their super-speedy interpretation of the catwalk, it's become the No.1 high street destination for being seriously ahead of the trend(s). We know it can seem perverse to be shopping for florals that will make you prance like spring-time lambs, when you feel/look like a Fraggle Monster who hasn't seen his feet for 6 years but if you feel sunny, it will be sunny! Maybe.

This month, more than ever Zara has outdone itself - because IMHO these outfits all look like they command much, much bigger price tags. To save you the leg-work, I spent a happy lunch-break selfie-ing until my iPhone died from their changing rooms in this the latest instalment of Changing Room Selfies. You may reward me in Bakewell tarts, thankyouplease.

The Celine-esque brush stroke blouse

paint top

I love this Blouse With Small Brush Strokes Print, £25.99 so much it's already snuck into one of our shop-it-like-it's-hot slots, but I didn't realise till I placed it upon my person (ever so regally) that it had a totally split back. (This right here is why Changing Room Selfies rocks). I feel so swish in it with my flatmate's knee-length black pleated skirt. Like an... art curator. Or something?

The Peter Pilotto-esque print co-ord


The clashy side of matchy-matchy is a Pilotto favourite and co-ords are the NBT for SS14. So this not-quite-matching Combination Printed Top £39.99 and these Combination Printed Trousers, £39.99 are an excellent investment. I'm happily surprised that it really works with a pair of sneakers, too. The key is in the details, as ever: the blouse has some central ruching and kicks out into a subtle peplum, whilst the trousers have a nice sporty stripe running down the outside seams. Winner.

The Joseph-esque orange coat


The stand-out star of Joseph's SS14 collection is surely their Kangaroo coat (yes, kangaroo!) in bright salamander orange. Sadly I've more chance of holding a joey in my pouch than I do of owning this bad boy, so what of this Wool Coat, £69.99? It's very easy and deconstructed in shape, which means it goes very nicely with some Faux Leather Joggers, £29.99 (these are similar).

The Christopher Kane-esque sheer shirt


I'm totally obsessed with Kane's sheer shirt. It's prim and sexy all at the same time. This Organza Polo Shirt, £29.99 is a pretty ace alternative. I'm also wearing it with a Faux Leather Skort, £29.99. After the roaring success of Zara's skort collection last summer (personal current tally: 3) Zara savvily thought they'd try it in leather. I'm pulling a slightly grim face because I think it needs a supersized relaxed tee rather than a smarty pants sheer shirt. I'm feeling a bit trussed up in them both together - but they're both stellar pieces, separately.

The Alexander Wang-esque pyjama top


Shirts were worn totally unbuttoned (save for the top notch) at Wang's SS14 show and this crop-knot Poplin Top, £25.99 gives off a similar vibe. I like to call it 'subversive sleepwear' i.e. not suitable for bed at all. Sorry, I cheated and added the pleated skirt again, as it added a nice little schoolish vibe.

The Mulberry-esque double leather


Double leather was rendered excellently springy at Mulberry and Zara's achieved the same with this Faux Leather Sleeveless Top, £29.99 and dip-curve Imitation Leather Skirt With Zips, £25.99 by producing them in racing green. Green double leather! It's cosy bordering on sweaty, I must admit. But it's unexpectedly great colour combo in my book.

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