We Try On All The Brilliance In River Island So You Don’t Have To

We don't mean to boast, but their VIP Shopping experience is really lush


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Changing Room Selfieswas a treat this week. A TREAT. Normally, it's all covert - a grab and dash job without telling the store I'm coming. But this week River Island invited me to come and road test their swanky new VIP digs in their whopping Marble Arch branch in London. A huge room with a sofa and hot beverages and a lovely woman who whisks away all your items so they're waiting on a nice rail for you at the end of your browse, it was the best retail experience I've ever had. Less sweat = less stress = more purchase. It's a savvy algorithm and entirely the reason that I bought four things at the end of this CRS.(Leopard print kitten heels are nestling at the end of my jeans as I type.)

Here are some other things from River Island that you should definitely own this summer.

**Some Clashing Stripes **

stripe skirt

As anyone who knows me is well aware, I'm a fan of the clashing doublet. I love the sporty femme vibe of this stripey off the shoulder top and the humbug pencil skirt. The skirt sucks you in like armour, so I feel a bit invincible - against the post-lunch bloat, at least.

Black and White Stripe Bandage Midi Skirt, £35 and Black Stripe Trim Bardot Top, £18

**A Pair of Frayed Hem Jeans **


A cotton crop top and some boxy-fit jeans are surely landing me an erstwhile place in TLC, no? I love the frayed detail on the hem of this white boyfriend jeans. The crop cami is possibly better with a bra, but I hashtag failed on the underwear front that morning and donned a megathon sports bra that would have ruined the whole vibe, so.... #freethenipple

White Cami Crop Top, £6 and White Eva Girlfriend Jeans, £40

**An Oversized White Shirt **


It's a classic for a reason, hombres. Every gal should have an oversized white cotton shirt in her wardrobe. And this graphic asymmetric skirt is the kind of niche mini skirt (it's actually a skort) that will work for work and parties alike. And the leopard heels totally came home with me. Too sassy for words - except those that I have just written.

White Poplin Shirt, £25, Black Floral Print Skort, £30 and Brown Leopard Print Sling Back Kitten Heels, £45

A Gothic Shirt Dress


I always think I hate shirt dresses until I put one on and realise how useful they are. The best thing about this washed out silk-effect shirt dress is that it's saucier than your regular shirt dress. It's got the common features - super comfy, drawstring waist, etc - but you can unbutton it low and it's black which means it's good for night time, too. Yay!

Black Sleeveless Shirt Dress, £40 and Brown Leopard Print Sling Back Kitten Heels, £45

The Perfect Tank Top


IMHO the dream tank top is ribbed, high-neck and low at the sides - so that it's just about OK to ditch the bra. This tank is the most perfect tank I've found and... yup, it also came home with me. A pair of white slacks are also very chic, especially when worn loose for an insouciant take on tailoring.

White Textured Stripe Slim Cigarette Pants, £30, Grey Marl Rib Fitted Vest, £12 and Brown Leopard Print Sling Back Kitten Heels, £45

Something Fail-Safe


I've said it once and I'll say it again - stripes are a fail safe in the summer. They're one of the few preppy patterns that truly transmutes into every wardrobe, no matter how edgy/faux hipster you are. I like the off-the-shoulder detail (so does River Island, as it crops up a fair few times in their stock right now) and the fact that the cotton jersey makes it as comfortable as it is flattering.

Black and White Stripe Bandeau Dress, £30

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