We Try On All The Menswear In Whistles So You Don’t Have To

We hotfooted it down to their brand new store and got all androg


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BIG NEWS. Whistles has opened a menswear store and it's like A.P.C. crossed with Acne crossed with your boyfriend's wardrobe at its bestest self. It's like the androgynous capsule collection of every menswear item you could want in your wardrobe: a slim-cut suit, white tee, bomber jacket, leather jacket, denim shirt, poloneck and chunky knit.

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Buy these for your boyfriend (and steal them), buy them for yourself, hell buy him and you MATCHING SETS OF EVERYTHING. It's that good. And no, it's not cheap – but for quality menswear, it's not bad either. Here's what we found, for this week's Changing Room Selfies.

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The Denim Shirt

Accidental Canadian Tuxedo here, kids, with the Monki skirt I arrived in. This is the ideal denim shirt. It's seriously soft and it's not too sloppy a fit, either. I felt like a sexy man in it. It was slightly discomfiting but definitely stresses to you the transformative power of a good denim shirt.


13:10 Classic Denim Shirt, £95

The Suit

This was so splendid. I've never put a suit on before – I've wanted to, I just hadn't found one that I liked – and this flannel-esque one was slim-cut and so damn gender netural. I put a white tee underneath and despite the fact I was just wearing brogues, not killer heels, I've never felt more insouciant. Who knew you could feel sexiest of all in the most basic menswear out there. Everyone I know now wants this suit. Nice one, Whistles.


Deconstructed Blazer, £175 and Slim Fit Tailored Trousers, £120

The Poloneck and Leather Biker Combo

I love a navy poloneck and this is a really great one; it's weighty enough not to cling to your tits (great for those in* Mad Men*, not ideal for everyone) and had a neck which rolled easily. There's nothing as annoying as swathes of excess fabric around the funnel of a poloneck. The leather biker is a pretty bold statement for a boy, but if you're a lady looking for a longline biker, then you've met your match.


04:32 Leather Biker Jacket, £395 and Dropped-Shoulder Sweater, £145

The Chunky Knit

Again, quite bold – not every man is going to be able to pull off lilac. That said, there are many hunks who can. I loved the length of this. It's one of those pieces that makes you feel all delicate and adorable just because it's, er, long. Again, the fit of this was epic. Who knew the secret to great fit was menswear? Huh.


Crew Neck Jumper, £125

The Bomber

Very soft and pliable for a bomber, which made it much easier to wear than a stiff unyielding varsity jacket. This is super soft – like most of the collection – and very low-key. I could imagine it over a dress, but I was still too busy fancying myself in the white T-shirt and suit trousers. If the object of trying on all the menswear in Whistles was to woo myself – and hate the stuff I had to put on again afterwards – then I succeeded. Life is so easy in a muted palette. Life is so easy in menswear. I'm officially jealous of everyone that's been doing it already for so long.


Knitted Bomber, £175

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