We Try On The Bits You Can Actually Afford In J Crew So That You Don’t Have To

When we say ‘afford’ what we actually mean is under £200

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Whenever I’d walked past the new J Crew store on Regent Street, I’d peer into their vast windows filled with an amazing mix of girly-come-preppy-come-luxe-cool clothes, sigh, and then walk on to Topshop. That genius brainchild of Jenna Lyons’ was just too pricey for me, I’d weep.

Turns out, I was wrong. If I’d actually gone in the door, I’d have realised a lot sooner that there is actually stuff I can afford. TONNES of it.

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Now I’ll be honest, I’m not saying you can expect to do a whole haul for the same price as you could in Toppers, but if you frequent Whistles on #payday, then you should totally be checking out J Crew, too. So we tried on all the cool bits you will want to buy now, because you can can can.

A Ridiculously Thick Jumper You Will Keep Forever For Less Than £100

Something your nan would be proud of, this is possibly the warmest jumper you will ever try on in your entire life. It's made from lambswool, and feels like a brick wall against cold and wind. It’s so warm that you could wear it with this monochrome ra ra skirt sans le tights and not even feel a chill. Khaki is a massively on-trend colour this season, thanks to all the military looks on the AW14 catwalks, so it’s a good jumper to invest in now, and whip out again every time the trend comes back around. It will last forever.


Sweater, £98, skirt, £118. Pssst. The bomber jacket is only available in store, but is worth the trip.

The Less-Is-More Sequinned Shirt That Will Spice Up Your Workwear

I have no qualms with rocking up to work bedecked in sparkles from head to toe. But for those of you who aren’t quite as keen to flaunt full throttle shine at the photocopier, check out this shirt and trouser combo, both made out of fabric that feels like a bed of baby lambs, but with sporty racing stripes in sequins down the side to hive it a luxe edge. Hello Christmas party essential.


Shirt, £89.50, trousers, £188

**The Kooky Printed Shirt That Will Give You A Zooey Deschanel Edge **

J Crew are pros at pattern. I tried on a polka dot printed shirt, but there are a zillion different prints that you will want to try out. They’re all super-kooky cool (in a Zooey way, not a lame one). We recommend pair with one of the lightweight knits that J Crew are also experts at – they do different necklines, in 13 shades, and are so soft without feeling like they’ll ruin if you ever actually wore it. Plus, check out this jacquard mini skirt, too – it’s the perfect length for wearing to work without feeling exposed, and you won’t have to change it before a night out.


Shirt, £78, Jumper, £75, skirt, £110

The Amazing T -hirts You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

I mean come on, where else have you ever seen a T-shirt that has ostriches wearing tube socks and lace up boots? This T-shirt makes me smile, as do all the other tees in store that feel like you’re always going to love them, rather than trash them and toss them. And who doesn’t want a collection of total awesomeness T-shirts? These joggers and lilac knit jumper make a great saturday coffee outfit in my books. After you’ve done some yoga, or more realistically rolled out of bed still a bit smashed. Either is fine.


T shirt, £45, jumper, £98, joggers, £98

The Roll Neck That Comes In A Rainbow Of Colours

One of my favourite things about J Crew is its penchant for random animals, even on a luxey-feel jacquard skirt. This would be a peppy outfit to brighten up a dreary working week (hello Monday!), and you can wear the roll neck on the weekend with some blue skinnies. If you’re ordering online, you might want to go a size down on the mini-skirts as they are roomier than normal.


Roll neck, £85, origami skirt, £118

**The Luxurious Shirt And Vest To Posh-Up Your Ripped Jeans **

I’m always dubious about whether it’s worth spending a lot of money on jeans, because I’ve got a brilliant pair from Primark in my wardrobe that I can’t live without. That said, these jeans are the most comfortable, strokeable pair I’ve ever tried on. I paired them with a slouchy silk shirt and this seasonal chevron top – a winning combo for festive family lunches.


Chevron top, £98, shirt, £110, jeans, £135

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