We Tried On Zara’s First Sustainable Collection So You Don’t Have To

It even feels good for you. Like healthy eating but for your wardrobe.

We Tried On Zara's First Sustainable Collection So You Don't Have To

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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If you don’t remember life before fast fashion (me neither) you’re probably not that used to wearing clothes that don’t start falling apart after a few too many wears, or clothes that actually feel really nice on your skin. Both of these are things my Mum talks about on the regular, and I used to be bored by it. Then I tried on Zara’s first sustainable collection and it felt like heaven on my skin and I totally got what she meant.

Join Life is Zara’s first official collection that’s sustainably made, although the company have been sporadically rolling out items with that label on since round about this time last year. It’s a lookbook of clothes that ‘embraces a woman who looks into a more sustainable future’. Sure, that should be everyone by now but it’s clearly taking a while for the fashion industry to catch up and cater for everyone who cares about fashion and the planet.

In the meantime, Join Life is definitely a move in the right direction and once again disproves that boring old cliche that sustainable fashion is all about hemp and unaffordable price tags. And yes, the clothes in this collection are dearer than your standard Zara purchase but the chances are they’ll last longer so technically you're still saving money. Win, win.

1. The Skirt Dungarees That You Can Wear All Year Round


Skirt Dungarees, £69.99

The dungaree trend shows no sign of abating and thank the fashion gods for that because this skirt dungaree combo is a dream. Style it with a stripey top in winter and wear it solo in the summer: sustainable and trans-seasonal.

2. The Boatneck Shirt That You Couldn’t Make Look Bad Even If You Tried

Boatneck Shirt, £39.00

This peach number has kimono sleeves and is made up of 100% organic cotton. It’s comfy, cosy, and has that nonchalant air that makes it perfect for work or play.

3. The Work-Appropriate Combo That’s Pretty And Cool

Frilled Sleeve Top, £59,99, Gathered Trousers, £59.99

While the price of these two pieces puts into perspective quite how much more you have to pay for sustainably sourced clothes (similar blouses and trousers at Zara cost literally half the price). That said, they’ll probably last a lot longer so technically you’re saving money. Plus, as a wise woman once said (maybe) two clever buys doth an entire new wardrobe make, when you think of all the things you can pair this with.

4. The Outfit That Makes You Feel Like The Grown Up You’re Not

High waisted button jeans, £39.99, Pink boat neck top. £39.00

The second I put on this nude top I knew it had to be mine. And these jeans - even they feel grown up - they’ve got that nice stiffness to them, and feel like jeans used to feel before they got cross-bred with leggings and had zips sewn into the sides of their ankles. Those were not the days.

5. The Dress You Won't Think You Want Until You Wear It

Oversized dress, £59.99

I’m barely 5’6, and I’ve always assumed that long dresses, especially with long sleeves, are just not made for people like ,e. Then I put this dress on. It feels cool and elegant and comfy all at once which is like the holy trinity of clothes-based emotions and therefore I will be buying it next time I get paid.

6. The Frilled Pastel Top That Is Decadent And Glorious

Frilled Top, £59.00

If Marie Antoinette was alive now, she would wear this top. If that’s not a reason to buy it I really don't know what is.

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