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Changing Room Selfies Weekday

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According to the calendar, spring is only round the corner. While we're not about to retire the tights just yet, we are ready to see what glorious SS18 fashion awaits us.

Over at Weekday, they are poised to rig our wardrobes with the newest trends. Think ruffles, bumbags and outstanding denim. Though we're more than ready to embrace everything this new season has to offer, we've got to be realistic: this is the UK, and the UK is cold until about August when it's warm for a couple of weeks and then winter again. This isn't an exaggeration, supposedly there are snow warnings in place as the supposed 'beast from the East' storm is about to grip Britain. Great. With the help of Radar Radio's Amal Omari we tried Weekday's newest pieces to see what's worth investing in now and what's not. See how we got on below..


Debrief Changing Room Selfies Weekday

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1. Exposing The Truth

Portrait Dress, £45After buzzy London, Fashion Week designer Rejina Pyo introduced the world to white stitching on black tailoring (revolutionary, we know) a trend was started. Not going to lie, it's extremely flattering. It's like corseting without the pinch. Add in a bumbag (or belt bag as it's now politely known) and you're good-to-go.

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2. Tangoed

Ailin Hooded Sweatshirt, £25; Tina Long Sleeve T-Shirt, £20; Ace Wow Blue Jeans, £40Denim once again rises up the ranks of the style savant's wardrobe this season, but how do you refresh something that's so tinged with sartorial history? Pick a refreshing top-half. This double dose of tangerine is an excellent source of vitamin C. Take that wellness!

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3. Frill Finder

Max Dress, £55; Ace Wow Blue Jeans, £40You may think we're undoing an ultra-femme statement like a ruffled off-the-shoulder dress with a pair of blue jeans to be cool, but it's in fact for comfort reasons alone. Let your leg hair grow and feel the freedom that denim allows with this unexpected pairing.

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4. Cold War

Janis Fur Coat, £125; Ace Wow Blue Jeans, £40Say 'nah' to spring's lightweight jackets in favour of this teddy bear coat for as long as the weather will allow. Snuggle up but still show off your new season jeans. Natch.

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5. Green Machine

Fall Beret, £12; Arte Jacket, £70; Piet Mini Skirt, £35 Now, this is how we like to intake our greens - sorry mum. A luscious velveteen faux fur jacket and micro mini with a matching beret is the kind of pain-free colour-blocking we live for.

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