I Tried On All The Classics In Next So You Don’t Have To

Stop skipping past Next, Debriefers: they do casual classics like no other


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Nextis unlikely to be your regular shopping haunt, I'll grant you – it's not always the first place you'd think of to hit up on a Saturday with your friends. But what you* should* head there for, it transpires after a research expedition for this latest instalment of Changing Room Selfies, is really good classic casual basics: Breton stripes, great jeans, nice shirts. Today's episode of #CRS was about finding classic, quietly on-trend gems. And you know what? I didn't struggle at all.

(Plus, they've got all the top supermodels as their current faces – Behati Prinsloo, Anja Rubik, Rosie Tapner and Bette Franke – lending the clothes their innate sense of cool, so that's... cool.)

**First up... Corduroys are worth rethinking



If you haven't owned a pair of cords since the ’90s then it's time to get with the picture. These fire-engine red Cord Skinny Trousers £22 were the bomb. I loved the fit and it was a nice contrast with the super-soft Blue Stripe Casual Shirt £22. At first I thought the shirt was just a boyfriend fit, but I've since realised it's maternity so: tip! Don't dismiss maternity – they have some great shirts!

**Next lesson? Patchwork is the new denim



Patchwork is back, back for good. (OK, probably just for a season or two). But still – I really love this patchwork Oversized Denim Shirt and as it's only £38 who cares if you'll only wear it for six months. Plus, as the average hemline in Next hangs four inches longer than I would wear my mini skirts, that translates into a nice new shirtdress for me. Yay. I've changed my shoes, can you tell? I've had some practise at #CRS now and I'm actually thinking ahead to bring two choices of footwear. Just not enough to bring two pairs of tights.

**There's all sorts of line-backer inspired pieces, too



I was really impressed by these two pieces, which could totally pass as Isabel Marant SS12? This Stripe 3/4 Sleeve Top £16 is actually way more useful than you'd think; the striped arms make it more exciting than your average white tee and it gives everything a "give a shit" vibe. These stripey jeans would be super cool with some white trainers. Do note that Next sizing is generous.

And you can totally nail the ’00s 'smart casual' code


Fluffy jumpers are everywhere right now and I like the low back on this Fluffy Back Detail Sweater £32. These Super Stretch Ultimate Trousers £45 really do warrant their 'ultimate' tag. They are stretchy, cut perfectly and actually really slimming despite the lack of 'bum' pockets. They'd be dead useful for anything that calls for 'smart casual' – which is, incidentally, the hardest/vaguest/most irritating dress code of all time.

And those times when you want to look like an off-duty A-Lister


Distressed Boy Fit Jeans £26 are the staple of every starlet from Jessica Alba with a few Milas and Emma Stones in between. As the Oversized Brush Check Shirt £32 is also a loose fit – and very Kate Bosworth – I've put a skinny rib tank (my own) underneath and left the shirt open. I felt very industrious in this outfit – as well as comfortable. Always a bonus.

**Or if you fancy channelling 'Olivia Palermo out to lunch' there's also that vibe, too



She'd probably add a cocktail statement necklace, but whatever. It turns out that Next do really good jeans. This skinny pair of Lift, Slim and Shape Skinny Jeans £45 were the most comfortable pair of jeans I've put on in a long time. God, everything here is so comfortable. The long-line Breton Textured Jersey T-Shirt £16 and grey Textured Blazer Coat £60 lent the whole thing a put-together Parisian/Princess Diana-does-downtime vibe, which is actually incredibly easy to emulate and so useful for when you can't be arsed to attempt something that Susie Bubble made look really great. Voila. Next: you've been a dream.

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