We Tried On All The Amazing Metallic Stuff In Bershka So You Don’t Have To

You're going to want it all immediately.

We Tried On All The Amazing Metallic Stuff In Bershka So You Don't Have To

by Chemmie Squier |
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I don't know if you've noticed guys, but metallic stuff is everywhere. Particularly in Bershka which, whilst we're at it, can I just say is absolutely nailing it right now so get yourself to the nearest store/the website stat if you know what's good for you.

I wore the Embossed Single Colour Sneakers, £25.99 throughout as a way to dress down the metallic and make it more day-time appropriate, but you could totally whack some smarter shoes on if you fancy.

1. The Body


Totally 80s. Totally love it.

Laminated Strappy Body in Silver, £9.99; 'Mom fit' Jeans, £25.99.

2. The Jumpsuit

For when an occasion actually requires you to dress up a bit but you're not quite ready to go the whole way. Trainers are your saviour.

Ruffled Straight Neckline Metallic Jumpsuit, £39.99.

3. The Dress

Can you say 90s? Beware: this dress is pretty see-through so don't wear black pants like I did.

Short Sleeve Metallic Dress, £17.99; Oversize Denim Jacket, £29.99.

4. The Shirt

Short sleeved shirts are no longer the sole uniform of Frank from accounts.

Metallic Shirt, £19.99; 'Mom fit' Jeans, £25.99.

5. The Culottes

Nothing about gold, silky culottes should work. But they do.

Boatneck Ribbed Bodysuit in Black, £12.99; Satin Culottes, £25.99.

6. The Skirt

Where comfort and style intersect. Into it.

Oversized Top in White, £9.99; 'Shine Like A Star' Pleated Skirt, £29.99.

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