All The Places Topshop’s New Jeans Would Be Perfect For

Laugh all you like, but next time you’re on a log flume you’ll wish you had a pair

Topshop Plastic New Jeans

by Lucy Morris |
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The internet erupted into a collective cackle yesterday when Topshop released a pair of transparent jeans. After the furore surrounding their partly-plastic trousers, we’re surprised they wanted to weather than same PR storm. But, lo and behold, they did.


For £55 a pair of MOTO clear plastic straight leg jeans can be yours. They have a skinny fit, front and back pockets and are sure to get your friends talking. Already, the internet has a lot to say on the matter. One Twitter user labelled them ‘Sweatsville’ another asked ‘are you feeling okay Topshop?’ But, we’re pretty sure people are losing their chill over nothing as these are actually the answer to a lot of dressing dilemmas. You’ll want them when…

1. You’re desperate to sit down at a muddy festival

2. You’re driving with coffee in your hand

3. You’re battling a hurricane

4. You’ve spilt your soup

5. You want to go swimming, but a bikini feels too naked

6. You want to show off your new upper thigh tattoo

7. You’re bombing it down a log flume

8. You’re running late for work and need to get dressed in the shower

9. You want to show off your best knickers

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