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Christmas Party Outfits Topshop

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My top concern around getting ready for (and surviving) the office Christmas party can be narrowed down wanting to look the perfect combination of grown-up, fun, festive and well, cool while being adequately dressed for the month of December. It is cold in December. Very cold.

It's a tall order, my friends. But thankfully we've taken away some of the hard work for you and had a look at what Topshop has to offer. Because if you are going to do that last minute dash to the shops on your lunch break, you may as know what you want to buy beforehand.

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1. Night-Time Rainbow

Christmas Party Outfits Topshop

Topshop, Christmas 3D Wreath Jumper, £55Topshop, Christmas 3D Wreath Jumper, £55*; *Topshop, Premium Rainbow Sequin Midi Skirt, £125Topshop, Premium Rainbow Sequin Midi Skirt, £125

You know when fashion people do that super scary thing of mixing colours and textures without looking like you’ve stumbled out the other end of a primary school playpen wearing two other kids’ clothes? Turns out it’s pretty doable. Never thought pom-poms and an asymmetric anti-rainbow could look so good. Bonus points for warmth.

2. The Shimmy Mini

Christmas Party Outfits Topshop

Topshop, Bonded Velvet Denim Jacket, £80Topshop, Bonded Velvet Denim Jacket, £80; *Topshop, Feather Slip Mini Dress, £39Topshop, Feather Slip Mini Dress, £39; *Topshop, Arizona Western Boots, £65Topshop, Arizona Western Boots, £65

This little number is perfect for those occasions when you’re not entirely sure how 'dressy' the party will bet. Fair warning: the super cute mini dress is particularly mini so beware the features in high winter winds.

3. Line Dancer

Christmas Party Outfits Topshop

Topshop, Shimmer Satin Midi Dress, £65Topshop, Shimmer Satin Midi Dress, £65*; *Topshop, Devious Western Boots, £99Topshop, Devious Western Boots, £99

Never pegged myself as a cowboy boot kinda gal, but I’m a huge fan of the silver against this otherwise formal dress. The material is a dream and there’s a fun open back situation going on too.

4. Dressing Like A Grown-Up

Christmas Party Outfits Topshop

Topshop, Star Foil Maxi Dress, £55Topshop, Star Foil Maxi Dress, £55

Meet the dress that you’ll feel both comfortable and confident in, while at the same time being appropriate enough to bump into your nan in. it screams ‘take me to the bar’, don’t you think?

5. Be Your Own Damn Present

Christmas Party Outfits Topshop

Topshop, Foil High Neck Mini Dress, £46Topshop, Foil High Neck Mini Dress, £46

Statement-making at its best ladies and gents. If you’re not a fan of having your arms on show this gold dress might be for you. It’s short but, not too short to wear around people you have to work with the next day. And, best of all it’s got a giant bow if you fancy gift wrapping yourself. I’m into it.

6. Style AND Substance?

Christmas Party Outfits Topshop

Topshop, Fluffy Embroidered Bralet, £39Topshop, Fluffy Embroidered Bralet, £39*; *Topshop, Fluffy Embroidered Skirt, £46Topshop, Fluffy Embroidered Skirt, £46

And when I say substance I mean warmth. Style and warmth. Don’t be fooled by the crop top and skirt combo, the wool-blend material makes it feel like you’re wearing a jumper on your legs and I’m into it. Also, a nifty low-key way to take a baby step away from your usual LBD.

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