Tom Daley’s Excellent Knitwear Is Now Available To Buy In John Lewis & Partners

From the Olympics to your local high street....

tom daley knitwear

by Hannah Banks-Walker |

I like to think that Tom Daley heard our cries last summer, urging him to start giving the people what they want: his knitwear. Not only did he launch his own label, Made With Love, towards the end of last year, he has now started selling his very own knit kits on the high street.

Tom Daley knitting at the Olympics
Tom Daley knitting at the Olympics

Yes, we could all be Olympic knitters thanks to Daley's kits, now available in John Lewis & Partners. Well, actually, they don't come with gold medals but they do come with everything you need to recreate Daley's glorious flamingo jumpers, on-trend sweater vests, cosy beanies and stylish blankets.

tom daley knit kit john lewis

According to John Lewis, knitting has surged in popularity with sales up 32% compared to this time last year. Surely, this is thanks to Daley's influence, which is easy to see on Instagram, where he's amassed over a million followers on his Made With Love account.

'In 2020, my diving coach thought it would be useful to find something to occupy my hands and mind when I was training,' he says. 'So, I started knitting and crochet and haven't stopped since. That's how Made With Love started, first as an Instagram account where I posted all my creations. After the Olympics, the account grew from a couple of thousand followers to 1.4million which is crazy.

'More and more people are getting involved with knitting so I'm glad I was able to launch my first ever knitting collection from Made With Love at the end of last year - a 15 piece knitting collection of everything from jumpers to vests to hats. The fact these kits are now available in John Lewis makes me so happy. Knitting continues to be a form of mindful to me and so rewarding when you complete a project so I'd encourage anyone to give it a go.'

The kits start at £35 for the bobble hats, while the amazing flamingo jumpers start at £125. There are scarves and cardigans, too, as well as Elvis the flamingo.

tom daley made with love blanket

What are you waiting for? Your new knitwear is just a hop, skip, trip to John Lewis and a ball of wool away.


BUY: Tom Daley's Made With Love Knitting Kits

Fluffy Flamingo Kit, £125 at John Lewis & Partners
1 of 8

Bubble Cardigan Kit, £115
2 of 8

Winter Warmer Hat Kit, £35
3 of 8

Scarf Out Loud Kit, £70
4 of 8

Vest Knitting Kit, £90
5 of 8

Thread The Love Blanket Kit, £145
6 of 8

Elvis Flamingo Crochet Kit, £95
7 of 8

Flamingo Jumper Kit, £155
8 of 8

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