Tips On How To Embrace Colour By Italian It Girl Eleonora Carisi

The Italian blogger and Instagram sensation is no wallflower when it comes to her style


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And embrace colour, she does. Who else would brave emerald green tights and a Snoopy two-piece? 29-year-old Eleonora – founder of Italian store You You Store, a blogger at Jou Jou Villeroy, a Grazia Italia contributor and general 'influencer' with a booming Instagram feed – can pull off what many can't. She may claim that she loves jeans, Nike sneaks and oversized knitwear the most, but frankly we think she's lying. Because what she does best is colour in every shape and conceivable form.

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But that doesn't mean you can't take some tips. Which is why we've dissected her technicolour style, for you.

Coloured tights can be done


Green tights, purple shoes, a frilly tartan dress and wing tipped sunglasses; you can totally imagine this in a Christmas pantomime, no? The Cindy Crawford mole and general sexiness make it a great fit for Eleonora, but of course we don't all have such assets. Colourful tights can be done by anyone, but we'd suggest you start in a more muted palette – how about these ribbed mulberry ones? Wear with ankle boots and a 90s mini.

Trim some print with faux fur


Animal print – big. Coloured faux fur – biiiig. She's only gone and combined them both. It's a very girlish piece of apparel – especially with the diddy raspberry box bag – but actually one of the easiest ways to do the new coloured editions of faux fur is with a touch here and there; try this faux fur trimmed poncho.

Have fun with a perky skirt suit


Eleonora's literally stopping trafffic in her primary coloured Snoopy bomber and matching pleated skirt with Nike kicks. Supremely comfortable, supremely fun. Try this Être Cécile Badass denim jacket with matching mini for a subtler take on the skirt suit.

If you're going to do pink, go the whole hog


We've said this before – if you're going to go pink, max it out. The more pink you wear, the less cutesy and more quirky it becomes. Fact. Try a simple pink dress and build up from there (bold florals and cute slogans will work better on dark haired/skinned than blondes and gingers.)

Bouclé doesn't have to mean old lady


The sun may not be shining, but Eleonora's a little ray of sunshine, in't she! Sorry. But Chanel-esque bouclé tweed doesn't have to mean trad and dull. Eleonora's acidic brights, high bun and purple velvet shoes speak for themselves. For a tweedy hit, Kate Spade and J Crew are your best bets, but for a cheap – and no-the-less-colourful option, try this River Island dress, on sale now.

Even just a nod to colour can totally change an outfit


A very preppy shearling-trimmed checkered three piece, with black tights and little booties is glossy and classic. But add some fuchsia bright lipstick and round blue shades and it's got a classic Eleanora spin. Try these glasses and this lipstick and use to invigorate your most classic outfits.

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