Never Be Late Again! Study Uncovers How Long It Takes To Get Dressed

study how long it takes to get dressed

by Edwina Langley |
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So you set your alarm for 7am – have a shower, chow some toast and jam, or peanut butter, or marmite (these are GraziaDaily's preferences) – and when you've done all that, it's about 7:30am, right? All you have to do is get dressed and you're ready to go. But how long does that take – 5 minutes? 10 minutes? An hour?

All wrong. The average time it takes to get dressed, is 17 minutes. Who knew?!

Apoll conducted by Marks and Spencers – involving 2,000 men and women – uncovered the findings, which effectively revealed that we spend roughly four days A YEAR going through our wardrobes. That's a bank holiday weekend amount of time... ludicrous isn't it?!

As a result, one in 10 of us arrive late for things, and one in 20 of us have missed an event altogether. To think, we could have just stayed in bed...

The study also found 62% of women have had 'wardrobe rage' – you know, 'WHAT THE HELL DO I WEAR, NOTHING FITS, I CAN'T STAND ANY OF MY CLOTHES' rage – and 15% said a clothing crisis had ruined their day. 21% of women even said problems around clothes had led to arguments with their partners... but of course we have no idea about that. [LIES.]

Interestingly, only 44% of the contents of the regular Brits' wardrobe is worn regularly, in spite of there being circa 152 pieces in it. But you know, we must have lots of options, and clearing out our cupboards is so very stressful...

So when you set your alarm tomorrow, make sure you set it 17 minutes earlier. You're more likely to find that outfit stress-free – and you may even make it to work on time too.

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