That Viral TikTok Dress You’ve Seen Everywhere Is Now Available To Rent For Just £47

The one covered in strawberries.

A woman wearing the viral strawberry midi dress

by Natalie Hammond |
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With last year's social vacuum, TikTok trends flourished like never before as people retreated to their bedrooms to make 'content' that, in turn, made other people happy. Perhaps that's why the strawberry dress, Lirika Matoshi's puffy-sleeved frock which exploded onto the social media scene in late summer 2020, made such a splash.

It's pink, it's got (the aforementioned) puffy sleeves and it's covered in a whimsical punnet of strawberries. What other garment so capture the yearning for a little bit ofjoy and escapism through clothes?

The New York-based brand is still selling the strawberry midi dress for $490 on its website, but there is an alternative if you desperately want it but also desperately don't want to waste money on a dress that, with such a high profile online, might not be something you can dig out for multiple events in one summer.

HURR, the rental platform, now has the dress as part of its 'managed stock', meaning its owned by the platform and not an individual, and it's available to borrow for between £47-£118. Striking the perfect balance between fruity and flirty, it's just the thing to pull out for that thrice-rescheduled wedding.


RENT: Lirika Matoshi's Dress

Lirika Matoshi, Strawberry Midi Dress, Rent From £471 of 1

Lirika Matoshi, Strawberry Midi Dress, Rent From £47

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