Things Marc Jacobs Has Made You Wear Without Even Realising

You've been styled by Marc Jacobs. Who knew?


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Last night Marc Jacobs ended New York Fashion Week with a show that was all about scoop-neck tank dresses in muted pastels, shearling jackets in sunset hues, sheer shirts and ribbed tights. Or as put it: 'Like loungewear for some next level spa or health clinic.'


Might sound crazy but, given this is Marc Jacobs we're talking about - come next winter you'll definitely be wearing it.

In fact, thanks to his two namesake collections – Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs – and his work with Louis Vuitton, basically everything you’ve ever worn over the last decade has been because of Marc. Even those bunny ears. So raise a glass to the iconic designer if…

You fought with your parents over that oversized shirt as a teenager

In 1992 Marc Jacobs produced his seminal grunge collection for American sportswear brand, Perry Ellis. His Nirvana-ish plaid shirts, button-through unbuttoned dress, denim and crop tops were fast adopted by style influencers everywhere – and, eventually, you. Admittedly you bought yours on a one-off trip to Camden Market 10 years later when the look was still going strong, rather than from Marc himself. And just like he got sacked when the collection wasn’t successful commercially, you got in trouble with your Mum for looking like a 'scruffbag'.


You kinda wanted some bunny ears as a party accessory. But now you’re a bit over it

Marc Jacobs and his right-hand lady, editor and stylist Katie Grand, first styled the Louis Vuitton girls in bunny ears in 2009. Since then, they’ve become the default badge of kooky, and everyone from the grumpy Olsen twins to happy Harajuku girls had them poking off their phones. Now they just make you roll your eyes a bit.


** You think latex is a viable alternative to leather**

Every since Marc hooked up with experts in kinky stuff, House of Harlot, for his rubberised polka-dot dresses, latex is no longer just for dominatrices (that’s the plural of dominatrix, btw). Marc’s made it OK to think about wearing a latex pencil skirt to work. Actually doing so could take another year or two to brave.


You own a leopard print scarf

It was Marc’s idea to do artist collabs at Vuitton. The Stephen Sprouse graffitied leopard print scarves were worn by pretty much every celebrity around when they came out in 2006 and therefore got copied everywhere. They’ve become the kind of thing most shops do a version of each season, so no wonder you’ve still got one wrapped around your neck.


For at least six months in 2009 you were into shoulder pads

No longer cool, but definitely right on in 2009. Rihanna wore quite a few of MJ’s bold shoulders; we got ours from Zara.


You’ve spent the last couple of summers in socks & sandals – like you’re three again

And you thought that was Alexa Chung’s influence? Nope, socks with sandals, nerdy specs, preppy shirt dresses and austere tailoring in school uniform shades of grey and brown are all a Jacobs thing.


You aren’t afraid to wear sequins in the day

As long as they’re with black tights, boots and a giant knitted thing to offset the shininess. Funnily enough, that’s also Marc’s favourite way to do catwalk styling.


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