Things Audrey Hepburn Put In Your Wardrobe Without You Even Realising

As Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter signs up to Storm Models, we take a look back on her granny's undeniable influence on what we wear now


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In a savvy signing, Emma Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter, has been snapped up by Storm Models - the same agency behind Kate Moss and Cara D's success. Despite having movie star model looks in her blood, Ferrer's modelling career so far has been short and sweet - she made her debut on the cover of US Harpers Bazaar in August (not a bad start, right?) but has otherwise devoted her time to being a humble art student in Italy.

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Ferrer's first shoot was themed around iconic images of her granny, which got us to thinking about the ways in which Audrey's style seeped into pop culture and still influences our wardrobes today. Sure, some bits are obvious - which of us hasn't dressed up in a black dress and pearls for Halloween/ movie themed fancy dress night/because we thought we might look as pretty and we just didn't come close. But Hepburn's impact on our wardrobes went way beyond the Breakfast At Tiffany's moment - here's the rundown of what you have in your wardrobe thanks to her impeccable style.

A Red Dress


Audrey's appearance in Funny Face in 1957 was a milestone for rocking a red dress. Yours might not be a ballgown, but it probably has the same attention grabbing power. If not, try walking into a room and throwing your arms and a pashmina in the air a la Audrey. Ta daa.

The Midi-Skirt


A midi-skirt was Audrey's go to silhouette. In Roman Holiday, first released in 1953, she nailed the midi skirt and flats combo that most of us still struggle to pull off. We've been wearing the midi-skirt season after season for a good few years now, harking back to that fifties shape that Audrey owned.

Cropped Trousers


Thought your bare ankles were down to Marc Jacobs? Pah. Audrey popularised ankle flashing in the fifties, and famously had white socks peeping out from her black cropped trousers and shoes well before MJ started sliding backwards.



We've all seen the legendary images of Audrey standing outside Tiffany's, but we bet you haven't seen all the other black dresses she worked. Audrey made the LBD her go-to evening look, complementing them with stand-out eye make-up and simple accessories.



Think of Audrey, and most people conjure up images of ballet pumps, tulle skirts and gobstopper pearls. But during the sixties and seventies, Audrey's style moved with the times and saw her wearing short mini dresses and even a PVC suit.

Glitter Eyes


Everyone recognises Audrey's signature cat-eye flick, but not as many are aware of her popularising glitter party eyes. Plus she made candy pink lipstick look cool, not Barbie-ish. What a hero.

Serious Eyebrows


There's a whole generation who think Cara Delevingne invented eyebrows. You're wrong, kids. Audrey's eyebrows are, still to this day, unrivalled. Next time you think about picking up those tweezers, remind yourself how her doe-eyes were enhanced by solid, shapely brows.

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