This Might Surprise You But Neo From The Matrix Is The Secret Style Icon For So Many Celebrities

Black coat. Check! Black shades. Check!

The Matrix

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It’s the sci-fi fantasy to end all sci-fi fantasies - and the 18th highest grossing film of the ‘90s. Now The Matrix, 21 years after it first hit screens, is back in the news after one half of its directing duo, Lilly Wachowski, confirmed that the film’s narrative can be interpreted as a metaphor for the trans experience.

The Matrix
Trinity, Morpheus and Neo in The Matrix ©Getty

Speaking to Netflix, the director, who came out as trans, along with sibling and co-director Lana, after the movie’s release said: ‘I’m glad that it has gotten out that that was the original intention. The corporate world wasn’t ready for it.’

Victoria and David Beckhams
The Beckhams in matching Neo-inspired looks ©Getty

For those who haven’t watched the film, its central character, played by Keanu Reeves, is a computer whizz and hacker called Thomas Anderson (AKA, Neo). After taking a red pill, he’s awakened to the fact that the world he has always known is actually the 'Matrix’, a simulated reality of the world before machines took over, and, together with Morpheus and Trinity, begins the struggle to save humankind.

Neo’s costume is suitably sci-fi - slender sunglasses, a swooping trench coat and supersized combat boots, all in pitch black - and over the years has helped him become a pop culture icon and, lately, a surprising sartorial touchstone.

Kaia Gerber
Kaia Gerber ©Getty

Suddenly, celebrities and influencers, channeling the grunge-minimalism of the '90s, are borrowing straight from Neo's wardrobe. Sometimes it’s a subtle nod (like Rihanna’s slimline shades at 2017’s Cannes Film Festival) and sometimes it looks like a carbon copy of the costumes (see Kendall Jenner, looking very Trinity-esque, in a floor-length leather coat and patent knee-high boots).

Rihanna ©Getty

With a fourth instalment scheduled for 2022, expect to see the references flowing in thick and fast. For the meantime, keep scrolling to see every time a celebrity has dressed like Neo.


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Kendall Jenner1 of 10

Kendall Jenner

Making Trinity's signature - that sweeping leather coat - her own with patent knee-highs and a minidress.

Victoria and David Beckham2 of 10

Victoria and David Beckham

Taken in 1999, the very same year as the first film's release, just call Victoria and David 'Trinity' and 'Neo'.

Kim Kardashian3 of 10

Kim Kardashian

He never wore shimmering silver, but the protective coat and angular shades are straight-up Neo.

Gigi Hadid4 of 10

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid does off-duty Neo, with a spaghetti-strap top, ripped jeans and cowboy boots in his signature pitch black.

Bella Hadid5 of 10

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid channels Carrie-Anne Moss in the slickest of slick leather coats.

Rihanna6 of 10


Neo exclusively wears black, but doesn't this Dior gown-and-glasses combo, seen on Rihanna, feels like a homage to The Matrix?

Kourtney Kardashian7 of 10

Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian dusts a little Matrix magic on fashion week, wearing black-out shades, a corseted minidress and stomper shoes.

Kanye West8 of 10

Kanye West

For this year's Vanity Fair Oscars party, Kanye did dressed-up Neo, wearing a sculpted leather blazer and supersized shades.

Nicole Peltz9 of 10

Nicole Peltz

She was only four years old when The Matrix first hit screens, but Nicole Peltz does a convincing Neo impression, no?

North West10 of 10

North West

Following in mum and dad's footsteps, North West nails the Neo look.

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