This Is How Much The Average Teenager’s Face Costs

This is how much they actually spend on their make-up per year

This Is How Much The Average Teenager’s Make Up Costs

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Look inside your make-up bag and take stock of what you see. Is there a mascara in there? A foundation? How about a bronzer or a highlighter? Sure, you can get these essentials on the high street for under £20 but, it’s just as easy to spend triple that.

According to a new survey UK teenagers are spending £425 stocking up their beauty bags, which if you’re wondering is over double to cost of their mothers, which is valued at £180. However, a poll did note that up and down the country (37% of) mums are slyly borrowing staples form their daughters. Go figure, when they spend so much more. But, at least now you know why that concealer is getting used up at an exponential rate.

It’s mascara, foundation and eyeshadow palettes that are costing our teens the most. The study, by Voucher Codes Pro, showed they are spending £440 restocking these items yearly. To put that in perspective, that’s 6 subscriptions to Grazia, 25 flights to Stockholm with Ryan Air or a single Chanel hair bobble. It turns out teens are spending about £180 on mascara, £155 on foundation and £105 on eyeshadow palettes per year.

While, their mums fork out most on lipstick, foundation and moisturiser. Each year they will spend, on average, £50 on lipstick, £45 on foundation and £40 on moisturiser. This actually makes sense because as we get older our skincare takes priority over make-up experimentation.

To unmask these facts the team asked 2,468 British mums over 35 who had at least one teenage daughter aged 13-19 that lived at home. In the process, they found that 57% of mothers asked do wear make-up on a daily basis, compared to 78% of teenagers.

Now ask yourself this, how much does your face cost?

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