Tavi’s Drunken Graduation Story Will Make You Feel Better About Life

Turns out even teenage wunderkinds like Tavi Gevinson get drunk when they graduate


by Pandora Sykes |
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If anyone deserves to get wasted after a ton of hard work, it’s 18-year-old Rookie editor-in-chief and all-round teenage superblogger, Tavi Gevinson. The pop culture wunderkind – shortly to be moving from Illinois to New York to shack up with equally prescient artist, Petra Collins before taking an elective in Beyoncé theory – has just graduated high school. (We know, it gets us every time, too.)

She writes, via her June editor’s letter on Rookie, that she has ‘no nuggets to share, no eulogizing to do’, but that she is all ‘about the NOW’ right, er, now. And in celebration of grabbing the moment by both horns, Tavi went to her first ever High School Party (her own capitalistion – if you are familiar with the industrious Tavi, this is quite momentous) and got drunkety drunk drunk krunk.

‘This isn't a braggy “dude, I was so wasted” story so much as it is just an “I am an idiot, and maybe know your limits with this stuff, but this one thing that happened was funny.” There was dancing/talking/kissing/vomiting, and then I came home, and my mom helped me get water and get into bed. This morning she told me I had said to her, after all her maternal caretaking, “You are, like, such a good friend.” I spoke to my mother as if she were some other dumb intoxicated teen!!’

We love this. How many times have you pretended to your mother – whether it’s aged 15 or 25 – that you aren’t remotely drunk, you’re just really tired. And you have the hiccups. And you lost your hairbrush and your shoe. Just one shoe, though.

We also love that even though Tavi has appeared multiple times on Forbes 30 Under 30 Media lists, given TED talks, sat front row at haute couture and been described by Lady Gaga as ‘the future of journalism’, she still underwent that obligatory, teenage, rite-of passage: got drunk and had her mum put her to bed.

PS: if you haven’t watched her TED talk about how she’s still ‘figuring it out’ you must. It’s here.

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