We Talk To Cara Delevingne as her Mulberry Collection Hits Stores

We Talk To Cara Delevingne as her Mulberry Collection Hits Stores


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Cara for Mulberry

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Cara for Mulberry

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Cara for Mulberry

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To celebrate the launch of Cara's bag collection Mulberry have released an app called 'Carascope.' This is a quiz which helps you find the perfect Cara bag for you. It asks you five simple questions and then BAM you are matched with your Mulberry soul mate.

5 September 2014

We have been talking about Cara Delevingne's Mulberry collection ever since the news was revealed at London Fashion Week last February. But the day has finally arrived when you can buy her bags in store and online.

If you've been anywhere near* Grazia Daily *over the past few months, you'll probably seen the bags by now. The collection is so very Cara, with Delevingne touches such as a small lion rivet and heart shaped patch. Cara said: “I want there to be hidden gems inside, based on things that are personal to me, which my tattoos definitely are.” Watch the campaign video below and shop the bags riiiiight here...

July 2014*

Back in February the world met the Cara bags for the first time, when her Mulberry collection was announced at London Fashion Week. Since then Cara has had her Mulbs backpacks glued to her shoulders and has posted several Instagrams of her bunny Cecil tucked into her bags.

As we're gearing up for collection to go on sale in September, our friends at Mulberry HQ have released a video following Cara's journery to create her collection. It makes it clear she hasn't just put her name to something, but was very involved in the design process. We even see her sitting at a sewing machine at Mulberry’s flagship factory in Somerset.


Cara talks through her inspiration for the collection, explaining that above all your bag "needs to match your lifestyle." She said: "Fashion I grew into and it became part of my life. At school my friends had handbags and I always used more like a sack and it had holes in it - it was never good, never practical. When I got my first Mulberry handbag it worked, but I needed more practicalness." She explains that she needed a bag for all her different hobbies - space for her drum sticks and scripts perhaps?

In the video we watch her travel from London to Mulberry’s flagship factory in Somerset. She may have grown up in London, but she has a soft spot for the English countryside as she went to school out of town. Cara explains: "I love the countryside. I went to school in the country and there was nothing like it - baking bread, rearing sheep, building fences, running around the forest." Not your average comp then, eh.

[Instagram: CaraDelevingne]

So how did the collaboration come about? Cara says in the video: "I guess it all kind of started when we were on that shoot, discussing things and being stuck inside that massive amazing house. I kind of had an inkling then. I'd always loved to do a bag - Alexa did that amazing bag which was one of my favourites." Cara D still hasn't got her head around being a Mulberry girl as she added: "Being a muse for Mulberry, it's just very funny to me, just saying it now..."

***See more of Cara's Mulberry bag in the gallery below...

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