The T-shirt That Looks Like Celine But Costs Like Zara

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by Pandora Sykes |
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Let's be honest, Zara is officially the most un-high-street high-street store out there. Directional, responsive and featuring seriously expensive-looking togs, it's no surprise that they've dropped another banger, before the rest of the high street has even cottoned on to the pop art trend.


This Blouse With Small Brush Strokes Print £25.99 channels both the Chanel and Celine Spring shows, who traded their more ladylike (and minimalist in Celine's case) norms for riotous, splashy pop art-inspired collections of primary colours. Fun was the feeling and fun was the result.


Unlike a purchase made from those two Gallic powerhouses however, with this silky tee your wallet won't even break a sweat. Wear with a black pencil skirt, a bomber jacket and some trainers – and look, y'know, generally awesome.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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