Sydney Sweeney Just Wore Angelia Jolie’s Iconic Oscars Gown From 2004

Vintage looks won this year's red carpet.

Sydney Sweeney

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The ultimate flex on today's red carpet? Wearing a gown that's not, in fact, new. Call it what you want - pre-loved, second-hand, vintage, archival - but the thrill of finding something that hasn't walked straight from the catwalk (although, that's its own kind of flex in all fairness) is what's trending right now. And that's why Sydney Sweeney, who recently hosted SNL, just pulled off the biggest coup of Oscars 2024. Not only did she arrive wearing a vintage gown. She arrived wearing a vintage gown whose first owner was none other than Angelina Jolie. Mic drop! (Another mic drop? Her Messika necklace - custom made and weighing an impressive 63 carats.)

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney ©Getty

The dress in question - plunging and pearl white - is probably the most famous design of Marc Bouwer, who 20 years ago was tasked with dressing Angelina Jolie. What he created was the definition of Old Hollywood, not to mention a modern take, some argued, of the fabulous white frock once worn by Marilyn Monroe.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie ©Getty

Sydney Sweeney wasn't the only star to take a walk down memory lane for the Oscars. After Zendaya's internet-breaking moment at the premiere of Dune, where the star made an iconic appearance in high-fashion armour as the bionic woman in 1995-1996 Mugler, the label has become the go-to for celebrities wanting to wear a piece of fashion history. Laverne Cox wore a sculptural gold-and-black gown circa 1986 to the actual ceremony, while Margot Robbie, who opted not to wear pink (shock, horror!), arrived at the after party wearing a gloriously embellished gold corset from 1996.

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