Katy Perry Wins The Super Bowl! And Jeremy Scott Reveals The Truth Behind Her Super Quick Changes

Katy Perry Wins The Super Bowl (With A Little Help From Jeremy Scott)


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You might have heard that last night it was the Super Bowl - or as our American friends call it "the greatest show on earth." In between the touch downs and close ups of Tom Brady, Katy Perry took over the pitch for 12 minutes for the half-time show, joined by Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz.

True to form, the cartoonish princess of pop had more costume changes (and crystals) than ever before in Super Bowl history. Jeremy Scott designed her four looks - a 49 football jersey (it's the 49th Super Bowl), a flaming dress, a beach-ball inspired two-piece and a starry Moschino gown. Although he hasn't claimed responsibility for her back up dancers' shark costumes.

Katy Perry with Missy Elliott [Getty]
Katy Perry with Missy Elliott [Getty]

The real question is how did Katy change into four different looks without leaving the stage once? Jeremy Scott explained to WWD: "The concept is kind of like a Russian nesting doll where you have things on top of things, and then you put something else on before you take something else off. It’s been more of a math and science lesson about layering, how to hide and to have her have big reveals."

He said to Style.com: "There’s no, like, “Oh, where’s Katy? Let’s just watch the video montage while Katy’s changing” like at a normal concert. Everything was down to seconds. It’s like, “OK, she has 10 seconds to take off the jacket and skirt.” There are a lot of things that are challenging for her and me."

Katy Perry in Jeremy Scott and Moschino [Getty]

Jeremy said to Style.com of her first look: "For her to come out for the opening look, I did the flame look while she performs “Roar.” We wanted something very strong and striking and iconic and powerful. Katy was very instrumental, actually, in the process of this because she was very good at nudging me in different directions at things I’d done. She was inspired by flame shoes I’ve done in the past, so she was like, “What if we took something like that?”

Jeremy said of her Moschino star-emblazoned gown: "Some of the stars are holographic material cut into star shapes. They’re very large ones—not with your fingers but the palm-of-your-hand-size ones, then going down to small ones. We were talking about Old Hollywood mixed with sci-fi, glamour, a 1950s B-movie kind of situation. We wanted to play with red-carpet Katy but in a whole other way."

Jeremy Scott's sketches

Katy was adorned in 22,000 Swarovski crystals, from her microphone to her custom LaDuca booties which were covered in 12,600. She also wore 20 carat Lorraine Shwartz diamond earrings. Gulp.

The Super Bowl has left a permanent mark on Katy Perry, as after the show she got a tattoo of the roman numerals XLIX on her finger. She wrote on Instagram: "I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight... XLIX"

See Katy's quick changes in her Super Bowl performance below...


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