Super Blogger Peony Lim Shows Us How To Look Vaguely Polished

We find out how to copy her perfectly-put-together style, 'cause we really need her help...


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Peony Lim is something of a super blogger. With 53k followers on Instagram, and a blog that took just four years to go from start-up to stratospheric, the English-Chinese beauty has become a regular face on the Frow.

Lim is one of those girls that looks pristinely put-together 24/7, to an almost baffling extent. ‘I think I have a very clean aesthetic, I very rarely wear prints,’ she tells us. We’re pretty sure that it isn’t as simple as that. We have a feeling it also has something to do with actually turning your iron on, instead of using it as a door stop.

We caught up with Peony to find out how she manages to look so polished, and how you guys can channel her exotic, perfectly preened vibe.

Focus On Your Accessories


‘For me, no outfit is complete without a bag, I don't understand how some women can walk around with only things in their pockets, I need a suitcase!,’ Peony jokes. ‘I also always wear my watch.’

Make Up Your Own Trends


‘I don't really dress for trends or follow the runway in such a direct way,’ Peony explains. ‘I am more looking for my style amongst the collections, rather than the reverse.’ Peony is right - there’s nothing worse than someone who has whacked on a catwalk item because it’s ‘in fashion’ when it doesn’t suit them. Don’t be a sheep.

**Make An Effort To Iron **


‘I can’t live without white shirts. I mostly wear modern tailoring, with a classic feel, so they’re crucial to my look,’ says Peony. You need to invest in some pretty decent quality shirts for them to last longer than six months, they need to be made of thick cotton, and it’s worth buying a deodorant that says it will avoid yellow marks (the plague of white shirt wearing).

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Let Your Friends Help Your Style


‘It’s always inspiring to see how other people see things so I love lending clothes, it’s so fun and you get to see your piece worn in a great new way,’ she says.’ Our advice would be to lend to your friend who isn’t known for drinking red wine from the bottle at 2am on the night bus. Maybe get a strict vetting policy in place before you dish out your favourite white dress.

Vibe Off The Silver Screen


‘I'm not sure I really buy into style icons, I love specific movies for their fashion moments but not really individuals,’ explains Peony. ‘There are so many films that inspire me - Anne Hall, Sabrina, Funny Face, Vertigo, Coco Before Chanel, Atonement, To Catch A Thief, Almost Famous… so many!’

Ready Steady Speed-Dress


‘I try to get dressed quickly, I hate that thing of standing in front of the mirror in your underwear with clothes all around you and the feeling of nothing to wear,’ she says. ‘I try to avoid it by choosing one thing I want to wear and building the look around it.’ We LOVE this rule. Especially when it’s freezing and putting your clothes on while hugging the radiator is the only way to actually get changed.

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