Nine Of The Sassiest Pairs Of Sunglasses All For Under £9

Because this way it's ok if you sit on them

The Nine Pound Club Gives You Nine Pairs Of Sunglasses For Under £9

by Charlie Byrne |

It's that time of year again people, you need to be thinking about what piece of fancy you're going to put on your face to protect your eyes from the sun while immediately upping your cool factor. Yup, it's sunnies time. But we don't believe in spending a tonne of cash on sunglasses (unless you're one of those almost adult people who keep them in the case and polish them and all that) because you're quite likely to sit on them on the bus, or drop them in a paddling pool or a gutter at 6am in the morning because it's totally way too bright when you leave a club. So this week's nine pound club gives you nine of the best sunnies for under a tenner.

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