We Tried On All The Best Summer Dresses You Can Wear To Work, So You Don’t Have To

It's CRS time again. This week summer dresses at River Island

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Summer is for dresses and there is no doubt about it. And it doesn’t matter whether you are strolling on the beach, sipping late afternoon cocktails in the town or having your usual day in the office. Luckily, the choice of different styles of dresses is so vast right now (especially at River Island) that it’s easy to pick one that will be appropriate for your work place while at the same time still letting you embrace the season...

The Office Florals


Dress, £50

Summer dresses and floral prints often come hand in hand. And while some of those combos can be too beachy, this dress won’t raise any concerns in your workplace. Its classic cut adds just the right amount of seriousness to this bright coloured piece.

Sleek City Worker

Dress, £32

This sleek number is perfect for the work meetings even in the hottest of summer days. Wear it without a blazer and with flat sandals for a more casual vibe.

The Print To Make Your Colleagues Jealous

Dress, £55

If your office hours include events, presentations and stretch past 6pm a dress like this will easily take you from day to evening. Its cut and print make it dressier than your usual daytime piece, so wear it for an appropriate occasion.

The Riviera Commuter

Dress, £38

Here is a dress that will let you feel like you are strolling along the French Riviera and romantically sipping wine in the sunset while still looking office appropriate. You should probably only wear it with a blazer, jeans jacket or a throw at work as it might come out too laid-back otherwise.

The One If You Work Hippy Hours

Dress, £50

If this entire look was white it would probably be slightly too casual for the office. But its darker colour palette makes it perfect for your work, especially if you are in the creative industry where bare legs and tassels are welcome.

The Desk To Disco Dress

Dress, £45

This is such a versatile look that won’t be frowned upon in the majority of offices. This sleeveless trench makes the whole outfit business like and will serve you well during work meetings, conferences and office hours. Take the trench off after work and you are already dressed for some cocktails in the sunshine.

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