Oi Suki, Georgia Jagger Would Like The Dress You Borrowed Back

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I don’t like to talk about a woman’s looks first, but Georgia May Jagger is intimidatingly beautiful and likes to keep eye-contact when talking. I discovered this while having a morning coffee with the scion of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall this morning.

We were ostensibly there to discuss her new fashion line that’s in partnership with LA-label Volcom. She’s really proud of it and described it as aesthetically a mix between Stranger Things ‘80s fashion and the Harlem Globe Trotter’s basketball outfits in the ‘70s. ‘I have always felt I’m quite girly and a tomboy at the same time, so I wanted the collection to represent that I like to wear boys clothes and skate brands,’ she said right before we veered off topic.

While perched in a personal shopping room at Topshop Oxford Circus, where her line will be stocked, she revealed what that her most treasured possession is a leather jacket she found on Portobello Road for £50 when she was 15. However, it’s a very specific, very personal white dress that she’s got a hankering for. And, before you say it, no it’s not a bridal gown.

‘At Suki’s birthday last year she wore this white dress that I haven’t seen since like 2008 and I was like, "Dude, you’re wearing my dress"’, she says gesticulating, ‘Me and my sister got matching ones and I literally haven’t seen it since the month I bought it. And, here she was just wearing it for her birthday and she was like, "What do you mean this is my party dress? I’ve been wondering where it came from"'. Keen to get back this precious item she confronted Suki recently, ‘so I was talking to her the other day about that and I was like, "Can I have that back? I think that is time." Suki, if you’re reading, which I doubt you are, can Georgia have her dress back?"

Though Jagger may have had good taste in dresses nearly a decade ago, she hasn’t always been the sharp dresser she is today. (Written without judgement, as we’ve all been there), Georgia went through an Avril Lavigne phase. ‘I was quite funny as a teen. I would wear loads of checkerboard print, black and white, loads of neon lime green. I had neon lime green tiger print jeans and a fishnet top, which was my like sexy outfit when I was 14.’

After working on her collection of swimwear and separates, which are priced at £35-£80, the model excitedly divulged her new-ish obsession with tidying Queen Mary Kondo. ‘My wardrobe is really over flowing,’ she sighed, ‘I was on a good roll after I read this Japanese book about tidying that I hoped would make me really Zen because I’m a hoarder. But, then I got two puppies and I just gave up completely on my Zen mission.’

Before her new pets got in the way she was doing quite well. ‘I got rid of three bags of stuff,’ she proudly stated with a smirk, ‘Even though it’s a bit mental, I was doing that thing she says where you have to talk to all your clothes and be like, ‘hey guys, I’ve got to many of you, goodbye’. Rather than giving up on her mission completely Georgia found a new philosophy, which is giving pieces away to people you know who love them rather than just throwing out items for the sake of it. For instance, a recent companion was gifted an Isabel Marant jacket, which she loved but in real terms didn’t actually need. Yet another incentive to become this Jagger’s best mate.

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