We Got Stylish Women To Share Their Underwear Secrets

We Got Stylish Women To Share Their Underwear Secrets

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    By Arianna Chatzidakis Posted on 30 Apr 2018

    Unlike talking about your skincare and makeup routines, or what beauty treatments you use to get rid of body hair, you probably don’t find yourself chatting to your friends about underwear all that often.

    And as a result, there’s probably a tonne of smart lingerie tips and tricks that you’re missing out on. But don’t fret: we quizzed several stylish women on their very best underwear secrets, so you can stay in the lingerie loop. Here’s what they said…

    Plan your underwear for the week

    Deborah Field, Brand Director at Grazia, told us that she likes to plan out what underwear she’s wearing for the whole week in advance. “I’m pretty organised so I always plan out my week’s outfits in advance, which got me thinking, why am I not doing the same with my underwear? So I recently started pairing my outfits with underwear and it’s literally changed my life.

    “As well as saving me time in the mornings, I know that my underwear won’t leave any tell-tale signs under my outfits because I’ve thought about which ones to wear with what clothing in advance!”

    Don’t sacrifice comfort for style

    Comfortable underwear doesn’t have to be frumpy, so Lucy Morris, Fashion & Beauty Editor at Grazia online, says. “There’s an assumption that comfortable underwear should only be worn when nobody else will see it - but I wear comfy lingerie every single day, and I certainly don’t compromise on style, either. The two are no longer mutually exclusive.

    “And that’s all thanks to the S by sloggi bras and briefs, which are feminine and sexy, but still practical enough to offer me flexible support day-to-day. The two lines - Serenity and Silhouette - boast understated yet elegant designs (think chic back seams and spaghetti straps, geometrically embossed bra cup linings, and sexy lace inserts), as well as super sleek silhouettes. Get a peek of the ranges below…

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    Go for gold with matching sets

    Hum Fleming - a fashion PR and the great-niece of James Bond writer Ian - knows a thing or two about style. Her biggest underwear secret? “I always wear matching sets, even if I’m just hitting the gym. I feel much more confident and ready to take on the world when I know I’ve aced my base.”

    Use underwear as outerwear

    TV presenter Laura Hamilton swears by matching her underwear to her outerwear: ‘I can’t leave the house without my underwear co-ordinating with my outfit. My motto is “stylish underwear, stylish outerwear.“’

    And she’s not the only TV star who abides by this rule - Kim Kardashian is an advocate for making full use of her underwear. She’ll often have hints of her lacy lingerie, like the styles in the S by sloggi Silhouette range, showing through a sheer top or cami, which adds an element of sultriness to her outfits.

    Ready to buy some new underwear? Shop the must-have S by sloggi collection here.

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