9 Stylish Cult Films You Need To Watch This Weekend

Classic films, with fashion worth fawning over

9 Shit But Stylish Films You Need To Watch This Weekend

by Lucy Morris |

What cinema takes from life, it gives back in droves. Whether it’s a cathartic exploration of emotion or a revelation about the state of society, the world of film has a special way of shining its spotlight and focusing its camera on everyday life. At best, it can, in the same breath, transform the most mundane into something infinitely sleeker or make the surreal stylish. But, this doesn’t always happen. More often than not, the more aesthetically creative the movie, the less relatable it becomes, the acting takes a nosedive, and the script just falls into clichés. However, don’t discount the oeuvre just yet, because in the rubbish tip of crap cinema there hides classics worthy of a re-watch. Indulge in the shitty acting and the poor plots as they can be inspiring. So, this weekend we suggest you give these eight shit, but stylish flicks a watch…

1. Crossroads, 2002

It launched and destroyed Britney Spears’ cinematic career in one fell swoop. But, this coming of age film is also a trip down memory lane for anyone who experienced the Noughties first hand. It’s a vision in low-rise jeans and crop tops, butterfly hair clips and lashings of lip gloss.

2. Love Witch, 2016

Arguably (only, if you ask me) the best film of 2016, it’s about Elaine, a bewitching raven-haired young woman who has a penchant for blue eyeshadow, coral eyeliner and the 1960s. When she’s not driving in her red convertible around sleepy American backwaters or attempting to make every man fall in love with her, she’s casting spells. It’s a technicolour camp take on retro B-movies that’s A-grade fashion inspo.

3. The Doom Generation, 1995

Don’t know who Gregg Araki is? Then you haven’t lived. Ok, that was a bit harsh, but srsly get down to your local Blockbusters (read: Putlocker) and watch this director’s back catalogue immediately. Of his many glorious films, The Doom Generation is my personal favourite. It stars Rose McGowan and Parker Posey as they head on a road trip across America. It’s an education in ‘90s style and almost definitely where Bella Hadid gets her sunglasses tips from. McGowan’s perfect brunette bob and ability to look sassy in a babydoll are enough reasons to watch it.

4. Fifth Element, 1997

Starring model Milla Jovovich, directed by Luc Besson and with costumes designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier this movie should be amazing. However, it’s earnt its cult status in spite of its ludicrous plot, which sees Leeloo (Milla) who is the embodiment of the fifth element (think: sibling of earth, wind and fire) fall to earth and into the arm of Bruce Willis, a 23rd Century Uber driver. Yep, it has a lot of eyebrow raising twists, but Milla dons a jaw-dropping bandage outfit and has the type of rave kid orange hair we all secretly want to try at some point in our lives.

5. But, I’m A Cheerleader, 2000

Take Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne (who plays Megan), add a bucketful of pink and a dose of sardonic homophobia, and you’ll be close to understanding the magic of But, I’m A Cheerleader. Everyone but Megan has guessed she’s a lesbian because she eats tofu, likes Melissa Etheridge and has a passion for Georgia O’Keeffe’s vag-like flowers. But, it’s only when she turns up at a fuschia coloured homosexual reform camp called True Directions does the lighting bolt hit her. It may look fluffy and amateur, but this film has more bite than it’s given credit.

6. The Warriors, 1979

It’s hard to think about The Warriors, which is about a turf war between New York’s fancy dressed gangs in the 1970s, without noting how camp it is. It’s hard to think of this flick as gritty like it was intended to be, when you’re watching be-quiffed men in leather waistcoats fighting crews dressed as clowns or decked out in baseball uniforms. It may have aimed to be a modern day Greek tragedy about street punks, but it amounted to obscure Halloween costume fodder and comical homoeroticism.

7. Jawbreaker, 1999

So, they kill their best friend with an enormous sweet in the first few minutes of the movie, and we’re all meant to think this is just run-of-the-mill, acceptable BFF behaviour. Regardless of the questionable ethics, this film is pastel coloured perfection with hair to be envious of and closets full of peak 1999 cardigans and pedal pushers.

8. Super Fly, 1972

If I could be reincarnated with Ron O’Neal’s wardrobe from Super Fly, I would be mighty happy. The film is a bit dodge with stilted acting and a fuzzy idea of character progression, but between its Curtis Mayfield soundtrack and 1970s suiting it’s worth a triple take. This is one for the Pinterest board.

9. Death Becomes Her wife, 1992

Reigning Queen of Hollywood Meryl Streep stars as the batshit crazy nemesis of Goldie Hawn. The pair are both brutally murderous and thirsty for a life-giving elixir that ensures they never die. Cult classic fodder. Between the floor-length velvet gowns and silk slip dresses, this movie is endlessly chic albeit absolutely bonkers.

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