Styling Tips To Steal From Instagram: The Pastel Edition

From sky blue suits to sugar pink bikers, here are some non-cutesy ways to try pastels


by Pandora Sykes |
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We're not going to lie - the pastel trend fills us with a little bit of fear. The idea of looking like a Parma Violet in lilac bodycon normally gives us the shakes. But hold on now, fellow pastel shysters. Because there are ways to rock pastels without looking like a manufactured pop band.

Try it in leather


Model Kara Rose Marshall manages to make mint green look pretty badass in the form of leather biker jacket, complimented by a white patent mini skirt. An undone blouse and chunky chain help.


Go retro


Who doesn't have a misplaced piece of affection for an old-school shell suit? The classic combination of lilac and turquoise is riffed on with an equally purple tie-dye t-shirt and bandana - which keeps it uniquely cool rather than woefully 80s.


Go fully candy just for the helluv it


This isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea. But if you've a tangly mane of hair and a gamine figure, a pale blue chenille blouse and bubblegum pink skirt can be pretty cute for the summer months. Nothing too polished about this take on pastels.


Use a pastel piece to change direction


Without the pale pink jacket, blogger Dasha Lee's get-up is a homage to slick, sporty minimalism. A sugar pink biker jacket changes things completley. Use a pastel jacket to shift gears instantly.


What about a suit?!?


We've loved a pale blue suit ever since Kate Moss wore one circa 2006 to Bobby Gillespie and Katy England's wedding. It makes our heart sigh just thinking about it. Here's blogger Helena Bordon doing some pretty good pastels herself. Question is, where can we get one?


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